Almost Spring…a studio update

Art portfolio- my work

I survived my birthday and conquered the blues!  In the end we didn’t bake a cake, but instead opted for blue velvet cupcakes…and the kids helped me to decorate them.


I’ve been sort of absent for awhile, because I received marvellous books as gifts and so I spend my time divided between stitching, reading, dreaming, cooking, cleaning, catching up with friends and gardening with the kids.  Bliss!

The books I mention above are the following:

  1. The gospel of Loki by Joanne Harris
  2. The art of Edward and Reddin Kienholz
  3. Art Brut (I’ve read it years ago and finally have my own copy!)
  4. The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt
  5. Buys by Willem Anker (this is actually a library book…which the librarians kept aside for me because I was asking for it for such a long time)

At the moment I am busy with number 4 and 5 on the list above……

that is until a few hours ago, when a courier arrived with another one: “Seven days in the Art World” by Sarah Thorton….so I decided to pause reading the other two, because curiosity just got the better of me….

I’m still at the introduction of this book but got stunned by these words: “Painting, or all art, has now become completely a game by which man distracts himself…and the artist must really deepen the game to be any good at all”…..

oh boy…..anyway…talking about art….

I am pleased to announce that I have work up on exhibition alongside some awesome fellow artists in a group show called  “Saints and Sinners” at Galerie Noko, in Port Elizabeth:


and on the 12th of September my work will form part of a group show called “Signature” at Gallery Grande Provence in Franschoek. For more information feel free to contact the gallery.

From the 11th until the 13th of September 2015, I will have 2 pieces at this years FNB Joburg Art Fair. I am very excited but I will share photos of these works in my next posts closer to the time.

I am also working towards two solo exhibitions in 2016! More information to follow in my summer studio update.

Here is a peek of a work in progress…


Oh and we started to plant some seeds yesterday! I hope it’s not too early since it’s not quite Spring yet, although there are days that makes one wonder.  Our youngest son woke up this morning and asked me if the plants have started to come up during the night…mmm…wishful thinking 😉


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