Stink Afrikaners ….all together now

Art portfolio- my work

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Returned safely home after two wonderful weeks in Stellenbosch for the annual Woordfees.

I have posted some photographs of the individual works before, but decided to share all of them with you in this slide show.  (please let me know via the comments if there is a glitch in the slide show – I haven’t used this option in a while.)

It was a great feeling seeing  six months worth of work hanging together in one space. I am pleased to say that the exhibition was well received.  I’ve met amazing people, saw old friends, enjoyed some theatre productions and had a good time catching up on all things cultural.  I will share some behind the scenes images at a later stage.

Hope you have a lovely week!

6 thoughts on “Stink Afrikaners ….all together now

  1. Congrats! Great work you’ve been posting.
    No link to the slide show in my reader…but it could be my computer, which has been cranky lately. (K)

      1. Whew! That’s a relief, thank you! Of the 22 pieces that were exhibited, 11 has sold 🙂 Overall had some wonderful feedback. Some said the show was disturbing, others liked the humour. I also met some long lost family members, made new friends and met some interesting people – some even as far as Germany! So all in all I had a wonderful time. Hopefully when you find yourself in South Africa sometime, it will be great to meet. xxx

      2. That would be fun! I’m not much of a traveler though…
        I’m glad the show was a success on all those levels. Maybe a show in the US one of these days?

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