100 Geographies exhibition

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100 Geographies

A group exhibition commissioned by the Society of South African Geographers to celebrate a century of geography teaching and research at university level in South Africa.

Featuring forty four artists, one hundred artworks and forty geographical themes, this three month long exhibition opens at the Stellenbosch University Museum (formerly known as Sasol Art Museum) on 29 September at 18:30.

Artists were invited to participate with artworks addressing published geographical research themes. Themes includeDiaspora and Migration, Forced removals, Gender and Space and Gentrified Spaces and Demise of Cultural Spaces. The curator is Elizabeth Miller-Vermeulen.  Professors Ronnie Donaldson and Gustav Visser, from the Stellenbosch University`s geography department,  conceptualised academic themes.


100 Geographies

Opening 29 September 18:30

Exhibition ends on 21 December 2016

52 Ryneveld street, Stellenbosch

Visit www.art-and-artists.com for more information

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