Summer studio update

Studio news/blog

We are nearing the end of 2016 and oh boy what an exciting and interesting year it has been.

This will be my last studio update for 2016 and would like to share with you what’s happening:

*You still have time to see the group exhibition -Alteration- at 99 Loop street Gallery in Cape Town until the end of this week.

*The group exhibition -100 Geographies- is still showing at the University of Stellenbosch Museum until late December 2016

and what is still to come….

First up:

I’ve created a series which I like to call my “dysfunctional family” for the group exhibition at Glen Carlo (more about them a little bit later) but please know that you are invited to visit this exhibition!



Next up:

Remember, remember the 8th of December!

My 3rd solo exhibition of this year (9th in total) will be hosted by Knysna Fine Arts- Hope to see you there!


I will be updating the press kit about the above mentioned exhibition titled: “Implanted memories” soon!


In-between it all I hope to spend some quality time with my family and friends for the festive season, but also looking forward to the preparations for next year…

This is what 2017 have in store for now:

*I am happy to announce that the Woordfees 2017 in Stellenbosch has launched their program and I am very excited to be included in the line-up amongst some amazing artists for 2 group exhibitions:

1: “Deur die bome die bos nie sien nie/ See the forest for the trees”

"In the name of the rose" detail

“In the name of the rose” detail- work in progress

and another

2. Bosch in Africa/Bosch in Afrika!


detail-work in progress

I also have some other VERY exciting news which I will share with you when the time is right, but for now…

…let me get back to work!

Enjoy the rest of November dear reader – I hope to check in with you sometime in December.




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