To see the forest for the trees

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I am very excited to be included in the group exhibition: “To see the forest for the trees” at this years Woordfees in Stellenbosch.

I made three sculptures for this exhibition:


"Nuuskierige Agie"

“Nuuskierige Agie”


"Raison girl"

“Raison girl”

"In the name of the rose"

“In the name of the rose”

Artist Statement:

Raison girl was inspired by the idea to see the whole picture. What is our ‘Raison d’ Etre’: (a french term for a reason to exist) The ‘Raison part of the title also made me think of a song by Tori Amos: Cornflake girl where she sings: “Never was a cornflake girl Thought that was a good solution Hanging with the raisin girls”

The title of the work: “In the Name of the Rose” was inspired by the book : The Name of the Rose” by Umberto Eco. I quote: “…because the rose is a symbolic figure so rich in meanings that by now it hardly has any meaning left”. Also in the Postscript to the Name of the rose: “Stat rosa pristina nomine, nomina nuda tenemus” translated: “the rose of old remains only in its name; we possess naked names.”

Nuuskierige agie. This saying in Afrikaans comes from the saying by a mayor from the Netherlands. According to some sources his wife was overly curious. And so he created a game called something like: Nuuskierige agie. I was also interested in the tension between the words: “What are you looking at?” and “What are you seeing?”.

Other artists included: JP Meyer, Vusi Beauchamp, Diane Johnson-Ackerman, Robert A Hamblin, Anthony Harris, Cathy Layzell, Hennie Meyer, Bretton-Anne Moolman, Ntlanhla Nhlapo, Leanne Oliveir, Varenka Paschke, Stephen Rosin and myself.

Curated by Alex Hamilton

The Woordfees in Stellenbosch runs from the 1st of March 2017 until the 12th of March 2017.


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