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After 2 solo exhibitions, back to back, I am finding my feet in the studio again. Allowing myself some time to catch up on admin and the luxury to read (my reading list was getting way too long) :

“The smell of the sea pleased him so much that he wanted one day to take it in, pure and unadulterated, in such quantities that he could get drunk on it.

And later, when he learned from stories how large the sea is and that you can sail upon it in ships for days on end without ever seeing land, nothing pleased him more than the image of himself sitting high up in the crows nest…gliding through the endless smell of the sea” -Patrick Suskind

I also met Louise Gerryts recently (better known as Louise Leather here in Stilbaai). She demonstrated and let me use her clicker-press to cut my inner-tubes into squares to be stitched together for future ‘canvases” …

This tool is really a time-saving device…I managed to fill 2 x 10 liter buckets with rubber-squares in an hour…phew, now I only have to clean and polish the squares before “The Beach House” here in Stilbaai stitch it together for me….then I’ll start with some embroideries…looking forward!

…I am also allowing myself to play in my sketchbook/visual journal…doing mostly quick collage and ink experiments in any old book i can find…

This one above I did in an old empty diary from 2015…

What I really enjoyed recently was having some fun with my children- cutting up and gluing random things together..

“The more real you get, the more unreal the world gets” John Lennon

The exhibition :”Come hell or high water” endings on Saturday the 28th of October.

Early November I’ll share some exciting things happening in the next 2 months…2018 is around the corner…can you believe it?

For those of you celebrating Halloween – happy trick or treating! xx

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