The Spiritual Grunge Mash-up

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The Spiritual Grunge Mash-up Group exhibition opens tomorrow, and you are invited!

Who is the ass anyway?

“The Spiritual Grunge” exhibition is a group show where 11 diverse artists express our current state of apathy, comment on the “whatever” generation, and explores how artists, be visual, musical or performing find their creative “spirit” in a world riddled with ugly obstacles. The tragic grunge god, Kurt Cobain, served as visual iconography and metaphorical inspiration for this exhibition.

Serve the servants

Grunge ethics:
-Take as little effort as possible on appearance and dress for comport and affordability.
-Reject the idea that one must always purchase the things that one wants or needs from others.
-Lyrics are typically angst-filled, angry, frustrated, sad, fearsome, and depressed.
-Never follow trends.

Polly wants a cracker

Participating artists:

Conrad Botes
Christiaan Diedericks
Stephen Rosin
Carin Dorrington
Alex Hamilton
Wilna Strydom
Hannalie Taute
Ella Cronje
Wayne Matthews
Alison Shaw
Alessandro Pappada

Alex Hamilton Studio Gallery
9 Barron Street, Woodstock.

For enquiries, contact Zelda Hamilton on 

I burn better in the dark

Pennyroyal (Springbokkiiiieeeee)

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