Art on the Move at This Year’s RMB Turbine Art Fair from July 12 to 14

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RMB Turbine Art Fair (RMB TAF) is on the move to a new and bigger venue for the 7th edition of the Fair. Since its inception in 2013, RMB TAF has grown extensively year on year and 2019 will see the most substantial Fair yet in a new location – 10 Fricker Rd, Illovo from July 12 – 14 with a preview evening on July 11.

DIANE DE BEER looks more closely:

Hannalie Taute with her work Hannalie Taute with her work

One of the exciting art prospects is an artist who has developed her art with a view of speaking her mind – loudly – and she does that with valour.

Hannalie Taute describes her work as in a constant state of evolution, which in itself mirrors many of the ideas behind her art.  One central theme or unifying characteristic, she says, is the repeated exploration of identity and/or relationships within what she calls…

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6 thoughts on “Art on the Move at This Year’s RMB Turbine Art Fair from July 12 to 14

  1. Thanks for the intro to this blog(ger). When I saw the Turbine Art Fair was moving I cast around to where it would go and decided on the silos, where the old(?) Carfax used to be and perhaps still is for all I know. Haven’t been to Joburg in ten years! Didn’t expect to find it moved to Illovo!

    1. Thank you for reading and visiting her blog Petru! I’m not so familiar with JHB myself, so have no idea where the silos are that you mention. This will be my first visit to the Turbine Art Fair and Illovo 😉 Nervously looking forward xxx

      1. The silos were famous for art events, parties etc. It’s on the ‘wrong’ side of the tracks from Newtown, where the Market Theatre is etc. If you have time, visit the Newtown area. The precinct is (still I should think) packed with art studios, coffee places, restaurants, the Bus Factory housing the Artist Proof Studios are there too and so on. I’m sure you’ll like it.

      2. It will be far from Illovo, which is in the northern suburbs. The traffic in Joburg is such it can take an hour or more from there to Newtown. So, before you embark on the journey … have fun, whatever you do.

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