The Patron Saint of….

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This piece recently returned from the US and its currently heading off to Cape Town, to be part of my small solo exhibition titled: Familie Kielie, at 99 Loop gallery later this month. (more details to follow soon)

I’ve changed the title to: “The Patron Saint of Masturbation”.

Happy National Women’s day to all! 😉


3 thoughts on “The Patron Saint of….

  1. First I burst out laughing. Was doing research on SA Women’s Day, also IWD. Dismal experience. It’s embarrassing how little has been written up, particularly in the South African context. I live remote as I think you know and the photo took a while loading – as I was ruefully laughing. Once it did, various layers of meaning became apparent. Don’t know if you agree but in interpretation of artworks, the subjective view has become acceptable. Here goes:
    – carrying this dick on one’s back. Standard duty for the vast majority of women still. The dick is the heart of most under-developed guys – that’s the only way the dick knows how to love. That hang of the shoulder – a bit tired of this! The title: a dick’s love is nothing but masturbation. The real guys out there, reading this, you’ll know it’s not for you and there’s real hope a nod of agreement, paired with some male intervention into dick’s upbringing, is forthcoming. I trust you won’t find this too strong a response. There’s many, many women -and too many dicks – who would. I look over my shoulder and check the doors are locked – I live alone. And I check the settings for the spam folder – strict!!

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