Meet the artist part 2 – artistic journey

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Besides drawing and Art History, my other subjects at Technicon were stained glass and printmaking (I changed the latter to sculpture in my 3rd year).  For years I experimented with a range of mediums from wax, plaster of paris, dressmaking pattern paper, collage, assemblage which included found objects such as skulls and toys etc.

In 2004 I found myself under the top 100 artists in a very renowned National Art competition for a series of ‘toys’ constructed out of platster of paris and found objects titled: Madam choose your personality”.

In 2011 I was nominated for a Fiesta award for my exhibition “Skeidingsangs/Seperation anxiety” at an Art festival.  In retrospect I see that show as a retrospective of all the other mediums I used in my art practice;  before rubber.

Thereafter I got fed-up with the South African Art world and joined the CCDI (Cape Craft and Design institute) That is when I started using discarded inner tubes to make toys like rhino’s, giraffes and elephants.  I also donated a portion of the sales to an anti-rhino poaching fund.

It wan’t until a friend asked me to add her daughters’s name onto the rubber toy, that I had the idea of embroidering on rubber.  As they say the rest is history…

In 2013 I had my ground-breaking exhibition titled: Rubber ever after at the Klein Karoo Art Festival and won an award for that, which opened a lot of doors in the Art World for me.  Since then I realized the mass amount of possibilities working in this medium and year after year I try and push my won boundaries working with this medium and will continue to do so.





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