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the artist in her studio photographed by Kleinjan Groenewald

Before I became a full-time artist I used to work as a front office receptionist at a 3-star hotel and later I had a half-day position at an animal hospital, but since the year 2000 my art-studio is situated at home.

In the beginning it was just a corner in a room.  Later a whole room and since we relocated in 2018 to to a new house – we now have a 1 bedroom flat at the back of our house, which is currently my studio.  It is marvelous to have so much space for once, but it took me a while to get used to.

I am quite obsessive when it comes to stitching, so I stitch everyday, but there are some days when I either do admin, cut and clean inner tubes, update my blog, write newsletters, or play in my sketchbook.

I work alone and do not have an assistant.

Motherhood made me realize the value of time-management and having my studio at home enables me to work until the early hours of the morning or very late at night, depending on my deadlines.  With that said I also take a day or two to just be me/a mother and a wife.  Its a balancing act 😉


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