10 days to go until an EUCATASTROPHE!

Art portfolio- my work
Little Masochist 420 x 220 x 7 mm cotton thread fiber filling and rubber 2020 Hannalie Taute (photographed by Kleinjan Groenewald

This “Little Masochist” is lifting up her dress, but I told her to hold on because timing is everything and we don’t want to reveal too much too soon, right 😉

I will be sending out the catalogue for my upcoming exhibition titled: EUCATASTROPHE at Deepest Darkest Art gallery in Cape Town. The catalogue will be sent out as a preview for pre-sales by the 10th of April to my Newsletter subscribers, so if you would like to receive one, send me a message and I will add you to the list.

On this note I might as well tell you that after all these years using ‘Mailchimp’ for my newsletters, I still learn something new each time I use it which is usually only once a month, but I have not figured out how to link my Mailchimp with WordPress – and I know it can be done, but after months of trying unsuccessfully I still don’t know how to paste the bloody code they give me into the html. Anyway so I decided to just keep on adding subscribers manually.

I will eventually add the catalogue to my website, but only a couple of days after opening. Talking about the exhibition opening= there will be a couple of of surprises for those who attend it. I hope to see you there! Invitations to follow soonest. xxx

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