Studio update (fiction vs reality)

Art portfolio- my work

“Are real people fictions? We mostly understand ourselves through an endless series of stories told to ourselves by ourselves and others. The so-called facts of our individual worlds are highly coloured and arbitrary, facts that fit whatever fiction we have chosen to believe in. It is necessary to have a story, an alibi that gets us through the day, but what happens when the story becomes a scripture? When we can no longer recognize anything outside of our own reality? – Quote from Jeanette Winterson: Art objects p59

Hannalie Taute – Artist Profile video by Kleinjan Groenewald

“We have to be careful not to live in a state of constant self-censorship, where whatever conflicts with our world-view is dismissed or diluted until it ceases to be a bother. Struggling against the limitations we place upon our minds is our own imaginative capacity, a recognition of an inner life often at odds with the external figurings we spend so much energy supporting. When we let ourselves respond to poetry, to music to pictures, we are clearing a space where new stories can root, i effect we are clearing a space for new stories about ourselves.” Quoted from Jeanette Winterson – Art objects p60

I finally got to meet Brandon Mcloed at the opening of Eucatastrophe at Deepest Darkest art gallery. He kindly let me use some of his family photographs as inspiration

“It may be that to understand ourselves as fictions, is to understand ourselves as fully as we can.” Jeanette Winterson – Art objects.

Other news/Ander nuus: my onderhoud met Christelle Webb-Joubert van RSG Kuns word vanaand vanaf 8pm uitgesaai op 100-104FM. Luister gerus op die draadloos indien julle kan.

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