Eucatastrophe – The End

Art portfolio- my work

Right at the beginning I was asked by the owner of Deepest Darkest Art Gallery what my expectations are for the opening, and my answer was that I first of all hope people will show up and secondly I hope they will have fun, that we all may have fun especially after last year and now that we finally may have exhibition openings again.

And oh boy did we have fun. Thank you to each and everyone who came to the opening, or even visited the exhibition from the 17th of April until the 20th of May 2021.

Some people don’t like exhibition openings, but for me it is a real treat to meet up with friends I haven’t seen for awhile as well as meeting new people and make new friends.

After the opening I was asked by Christelle Webb-Joubert in a radio interview, why would I want people to come and look at the exhibition. I was a bit flustered but I answered back with a question, something along the lines of “what is art without the viewer?” and after stumbling over my own words I came to the conclusion that I wanted people to feel something, anything!

Since I was not at the gallery during the run of the exhibition, I could not see how people responded to the works, but wow I’m blown away from the feedback I received via social media eg:

ALSO I received and email from a student who shared his  “Visual & Contextual Analysis” assignment he wrote for their Introduction to an African Art course at Michaelis university based on the following work:

His only crime was that he dearly loved the beautiful princess 2021 Photographic print, board, cotton thread and rubber 1205 x 855 mm Hannalie Taute

Thank you to all for this Happy Ending.

It’s a wrap


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