Shell I stay or Shell I go…again…

Art portfolio- my work

…no go to hell Shell!

Years ago (2014) I made this work for an exhibition in response to the company Shell who wanted to do ‘fracking’ in the Karoo.

“Shell” I stay, or ‘shell’ I go? Embroidery on rubber and found cloth. 2014 (#IndustrialKarooFearAndLoss) SOLD

Luckily it did not happen!

But now this freaking company are at it again – this time they want to do seismic surveys along our coast!!

I can not believe it! So I signed the petition (see link below) and urge you to do the same! and I really really hope they can be stopped.

They need 300 000 signatures. Hopefully that will be enough to put a stop to it. One can only hope.

Please leave our oceans alone!

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