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Hannalie Taute
Title: To view the world through rose coloured glasses (a fiber optical illusion)
Medium: Photographic print on board, pastel, ink, thread and rubber
Size: 120.5 x 85,5 cm

When my mother-in-law saw a photo of this work she said to me that she doesn’t know who this is, but she likes it. I replied that if she doesn’t know, I don’t’ either because she gave me a couple of family photos to work with and he was among them.  Maybe it would probably be best if I document the original story of each original photo I receive for future reference 😉

The original photograph

With that said, the ‘new’ story of this specific work is that it was created in a time with the world in turmoil.

So sometimes I just want to look at the world through rose coloured glasses (a phrase which stuck in my mind and it means to take an optimistic view of the world)

I also found some lovely rose coloured thread and couldn’t wait to use it.  Stitching roses was the perfect opportunity. 

While I was busy with this piece I received an invite to participate in an exhibition with the theme: “rich in fiber”.  Whenever I think of fiber, I think of thread. I also think of fiber optics. What a spectacle 😉 And so Bob’s your uncle!

P.S this was also the first time I hand-coloured the background like they use to do with some vintage photos back in the day.

Later a fellow artist commented that it made her think of La Vie En Rose:

So I immediately googled a translation of this famous song by Edith Piaf and I will leave you with this quote:

“He whispers to me; I see life in pink.”

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