Before the year was over a great joy was announced.

Art portfolio- my work
Hannalie Taute Before the year was over a great joy was announced 84 X 119 cm Photographic print on board, thread and rubber 2021

I was working on this piece before and during COP 26 (from late Oct to early Nov2021), and that’s why I decided to let one of the “family-members” hold on to the globe.

 The working title of my upcoming solo in July 2022 was after all “family meeting”.

Masked (with traditional masks because it is after all during a pandemic) world leaders’ (all female) and one (which is coincidentally my real life biological mother- because this specific photo is from my own family archive) masked ‘leader’

(my mother was the ‘Korfbal’ captain that year).

 And while on the subject of sport, my son is going to play his first ever hockey match today!  ‘-)

Anyway, I posted this on social media

with the hashtag #wishfulthinking because by then (sad to say) COP26 looked more like an elaborate PR event rather than leaders taking action and there was no ‘great joy’ announced.

Yesterday it was EARTHDAY 2022, and this is the 52nd anniversary of Earth day.

Here is a link to a short summery of how it was decided that 22 April should be ‘celebrated’* and coordinated by

in the same article it mentions that this year’s theme is “invest in our planet’.

“Kathleen Rogers, President of talks about transformative shift in the global economy.”   Still I don’t see any concrete plans being made, she also adds: “ The solutions are out there and we know what must be done…” (so why not do it?) “… whether it’s transitioning to renewable energy, conserving our forests and lands, or ridding ourselves of the scourge of plastic pollution.” – (again the words- transitioning…meanwhile:

Let’s wait and see how the story continues…

playing with fire – detail

*footnote: To celebrate something is to acknowledge a significant happy day or event, and I have to agree with Greta Thunberg that it doesn’t feel very ‘happy’:

Except that I am still able to be living on this wonderful planet that will surely survive us all and filled with gratitude because of that!

Alienated from her family – detail

Last but not least my solo exhibition opens at Mcontemporary in 3months time and I am super excited. Feel free to register your interest with the gallery or join the waiting list! Here

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