Final days for the donkeys

Art portfolio- my work

It is the final week to see True Fall, a group exhibition at Gallery Grande Provence.

for those of you who cannot make it to Franschoek, here is an installation view courtesy of the gallery

alternatively please pop in and say hi to “The donkeys grew ears”

Little did I know while I was working on this piece that donkeys will be in the news this months due to the “illegal donkey skin trade” and I quote:

“International organisation The Donkey Sanctuary said donkeys have become the most trafficked animal in the world, with more than two million slaughtered for their skins every year.”

I don’t want to end this post on such a sad note, so I thought I will share some of the lyrics from a song we used to sing when I was little:

O die donkie, ja die donkie
Die donkie is ‘n wonderlike ding
Die donkie is ‘n bielie hy’s ‘n boetie van ‘n muil
Sien die een die ander dan begin hy sommer huil ja die donkie

O die donkie
Die donkie is ‘n wonderlike ding
Hy rol in die sand en hy vreet ‘n koerant o die donkie is ‘n wonderlike ding

song by Chris Blignaut

to translate:

  • Oh the donkey, yes the donkey
  • The donkey is a wonderful thing
  • The donkey is a bitch he is a brother of a mule
  • See each other then he just starts crying yes the donkey
  • Oh the donkey
  • The donkey is a wonderful thing
  • He rolls in the sand and he eats a newspaper oh the donkey is a wonderful thing

So yes, I feel like eating the newspaper report to wipe out the sad news about the donkeys.

Anyway for more details about this work feel free to contact the gallery at Grande Provence

Take care and keep well. xxx

3 thoughts on “Final days for the donkeys

  1. Eerste woord ek hoor van die donkies. Berig gemis. Lees deesdae skaars hooflyne. Ongelukkig gaan my gedagtes van die trafficked donkies na trafficked kinders ivm jou kunswerk! Die mensdom is ‘n donker plek voorwaar!

    1. Inderdaad is die wereld deesdae n donker plek Petru, daarom vermy ek ook gewoonlik die ‘nuus’, Ek self het ook toevallig van die donkies gehoor op RSG gister middag, en daarna verder op die web gaan loer vir meer inligting.
      Die werk self was nie gebore uit donker gedagtes nie, want n donkie is voorwaar n wonderlike ding, maar ek kan sien waarom jou gedagtes neig na die donker kant. Hopelik is daar lig aan die einde van die tonnel. xxx

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