The Family Pet

Art portfolio- my work

Today’s story was written by Karen de Kock, using the 14 titles from my works for the upcoming exhibition at MContemporary opening on 21 July 2022 –

Thanks for participating Karen.

Hannalie Taute Family Pet detail

“The family pet felt alienated from the artificial and nuclear family, but because you ‘can’t choose your family’, he endured years of cruelty.  The day came when he had enough, he turned his back on his family and left.  He had no idea where to go and eventually got lost in the forest, where he was found by the good fairies.

Hannalie Taute Family Pet detail

They were always too busy playing with fire, he quickly became bored and decided to move on and wandered into the deepest part of the woods, and came upon a family meeting.  Thank you for coming said the wicked giants! A joyous reunion they proclaimed!

Hannalie Taute Family Pet detail

He was quite bewildered by the giants and made a run for it. He then saw a nice friendly giant proudly walked into the forest, and thought that he can be his new family, because what’s love got to do with it?  He met up with the giant and they lived happily ever after and before the year was over a great joy was announced!

Hannalie Taute Family Pet 118.5 x 84 cm Photographic print on board, thread and rubber 2021

They decided to give up their home and beating hearts.  They would go in search of the story tree and ask her if they can become part of her and live forever!!

The end. – Karen de Kock

P.S Did you know that World Snake day is celebrated on 16 July as an opportunity to raise awareness about their conservation. Happy world snake day tomorrow!

P.P.S The preview of my upcoming exhibition is now LIVE! Here’s the link:

Wishing you a lovely weekend. xxx

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