LUSH at RK Contemporary gallery

Art portfolio- my work

You are invited!

I will have some works on view in this group exhibition to celebrate lushness – a state of abundance, opulence and luxurious growth.

So if you are in the Riebeek-Kasteel area in December, please pop in art RK Contemporary gallery.

I will take my last piece of rainbow and seek my fortune 2022 Photographic print, ink, pastel, thread and rubber 122.5 x 85 cm

You will notice that I started to experiment with some ink and pastels on the print. If you look closely at the original cabinet card, you will know why, but feel free to let me know what you think.

Over the rainbow your gold will turn to dust said the witch 2022 41.5 x 35 cm cabinet card, thread and rubber

I will also have other new work available via the gallery, which will not be necessarily included in this specific exhibition. Please register your interest with the gallery.

Plant your coins and they will grow into a money tree, said the farmer. Photographic print, Ink, thread and rubber 2022 1220 x 875 mm framed

a selection of smaller works

Award winning poet Sindi Busuku will be opening the exhibition with a poem especially written for LUSH. So we hope to see you at the gallery. If you are unable to make it, feel free to contact Astrid at for more info.

Wishing you a wonderful day ahead.

You will become a real boy if you deserve it 2022 (122.5 x 85 cm)

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