The giant will care for you

Art portfolio- my work

Just a quick note to thank you, each and everyone who cared to read my blog/newsletters/social media posts and thank you for caring and sharing during 2022!!

I wish you a prosperous 2023.

This piece titled “The giant will care for you” was the final piece I managed to finish during 2022. As you can see I re-used some embroidered pieces from a work I did long ago titled: “Mandrakes pollinating” and I also added some new elements too.

Before I go…

Here is a quick recap of where you are able to see available work during January. Feel free to visit the galleries in real life or online.

* MContemporary gallery – “Summer group exhibition until 9 January 2023

*Gallery Glen Carlo – “Seeing far” group exhibition until 22 January 2023

*Knysna fine art – “The big picture” group exhibition until 9 January 2023

*Rupert Museum –  “Diversity” group exhibition until 29 January 2023

*RKContemporary – “Lush” a group exhibition until 26 February 2023

Until next month….take care & Best wishes to you and yours. – Hannalie

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