working real hard….

Art portfolio- my work

“Before the year was over a great joy was announced.” Work in progress shot

“I was working real hard

To show the world what I could do

Oh I guessed I never dreamed

I’d have to

World spins some photographs

How I love to laugh when the crowd laughs

While love slips through

A theatre that is full

But oh baby when the crowd goes home

and I turn in and realize I’m alone

I can’t believe I had to sacrifice you”

from the book: Just Kids by Patti Smith which I’m currently re-reading and this quote really resonates with me at the moment, and made me want to share it with you.

On page 166 Patti writes that she wrote this for Janis Joplin.

book cover

While I am writing to you about it, I found this cool video too:

Can one work too hard when the work is a part of you?

I took a break for two weeks where I did not go to the studio, since other aspects of studio life needed some attention too, eg: daily and emotional life, admin and research.

The research part I’m starting to really enjoy right now.

Current interests include Family life – Family matters – Family ties – Family Businesses 😉 Family secrets and especially

Family Meetings:

Family meeting – work in progress (detail)

Also what does it mean to be a family in this day and age? I am also interested in how fairy tales can be adapted and serve as a tool in family therapy.

So yes, I am continuing further research into fairy tales (a lifelong passion). Fairy tales this time, is also leading me to woodcuts and witches, Hortis Sanitatis and the Dance of Death by Hans Holbein. Sounds random, but I hope to connect all the dots for my upcoming solo at MContemporary gallery next year.

In the meantime,- Let’s celebrate New Beginnings!

You are invited to the opening this coming Sunday:

Please feel free to

Contact the gallery for further information

T: +27 (0)21 876 8630 | E: |

detail from #WTF at Gallery Grande Provence

And last but not least…my work “School of thought” is in good company for the sake of education at Paul Roos Gymnasium in their “See and be seen Art Exhibition and auction:

School of thought 41 x 33 cm paper, cotton thread and rubber (Photographer Kleinjan Groenewald)

The auction lots are split across two bidding platforms.
Strauss & Co live auction event
The live auction event will take place on 20 October at 17:30.
For telephone and absentee bids contact
BidPro online auction
Online bidding now open until 13:00 on 30 October 2021.
Steps to follow
Go to: &
Click on Sign In, choose option “Signup” in Blue.
Fill all relevant details in as per the screen request.
You will receive an email, please confirm.
When user is confirmed please login .
Click on Auctions or choose Fundraising.
See and Be Seen Auction will display.
Click on Register to take part in the Paul Roos Gymnasium Auction.
You can now browse through all 127 lots and start bidding.

Here is a link to the catalogue:

Enjoy and best

Persistence of vision…group exhibition-now showing

Art portfolio- my work
Installation view
Fee Fie Fum 2021 122 x 86.5cm
The dogs squeezed so hard that water came out of it 2021 122 x 86.5 cm
The gian’s wife was kind and quietly waited as the feast came to an end 2021 122 x 86.5 cm
gallery view

Let’s talk business – Inktober

Art portfolio- my work

“An art career, after all, is a marathon, not a sprint.” – Grayson Perry

I present to you:

A Family business

TITLE: Prinses Rupert
MEDIUM AND YEAR: Ink, pastel, board, vintage photograph 2021
DIMENSIONS: 63 x 47 cm (framed with glass)

Let me tell you a story about an imaginary Family Business (see English version at the end)

Prinses Rubert en haar twee buite-egtelike kinders: Sus en Daan,

Sus en Daan

…het ‘n familie besigheid begin, genaamd: “It’s only me”, want hulle is ‘n vrolike familie.

12 Business men and women

Stoffel was ontevrede omdat hy nie aangestel is in ‘n bestuurs-posisie nie.  Female soul met ‘n big mouth het hom probeer waarsku want Josef en Maria is kop in een mus.

“Impossible?” Laughed the ogre, en gaan sit langs Lucy in the sky – Just add diamonds.

Oom John gee raad, maar n wyse man se: “Beware of your uncle” want ‘n timmerman bou aan ‘n kis. Ons maak gereed vir die niks.

Die einde


Princess Rubert and her two illegitimate children: Sus and Daan, started a family business called "It's only me" because they are a happy family. 
Stoffel was dissatisfied because he was not appointed to a management position. Female soul with a big mouth tried to warn him because Joseph and Mary are head in one hat.
"Impossible?" Laughed the ogre, and sat down next to Lucy in the sky - Just add diamonds.
Uncle John gives advice, but a wise man says: "Beware of your uncle" because the carpenter is building a coffin. We get ready for nothing.
The end

I hope to do a live stream via Instagram from my studio sometime in October. I will keep you posted on the day and time. Until we speak again, I wish you a wonderful weekend ahead.

Our Inherited Dysfunction- opening night

Art portfolio- my work
Nadine Hansen and Hannalie Taute

We had an absolute blast last night at the Hessequa Harmonie festival in Heidelberg, during the opening of our duo exhibition: Our Inherited Dysfunction.

Moi with the love of my life

A big thank you to everyone involved in making this a memorable moment.

Nadine and myself with the organizer of the festival: Niel Rademan
Nadine and myself with Irma Huysamer
With the Mayor Mr Riddles in front of the Hotel where our work can be seen

Nadine and myself will at the Heidelberg hotel tomorrow morning, if you want to join us for a walkabout.

Looking forward to see you there!