I do, I undo, I redo and repeat…

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“I do, I undo, I redo” is one of my favorite quotes by Louise Bourgeois, because it is so relevant to my practice lately.

The same artist also said the following in a documentary about her work:

“It’s difficult to be a woman and to be like-able. This desire to be like-able…its really a pain in the neck.  How are you going to be like-able and be yourself? There are doubts. I’m full of doubts”

studio shot, work in progress

Before my son took these photos, we had a nice chat about my work. He said he kind of like it, but it is a bit strange….(mmm coming from an eleven year old boy who likes zombies etc), but he explained that flowers coming from vaginas and images where it looks like I’m ripping my rib-cage open with a skull as head, qualifies to him as ‘weird’. He also added that he hope people will “like” my work.

I realize that to him at this stage of his life it is very important to be liked and to ‘fit’ in with his peers. How do I explain to him that as an artist I’ve grown a thick skin and that to me being liked is not as important as to do what I like?

Someone also told me some time ago that they “like” my work but will not be able to live with it in their home. Which I understand and accept, but in this day and age where everyone on social media wants a bunch of likes and for a boy dreaming about a Playstation VR headset which he hopes he can get when I sell lots and lots of work…it is not so easy to comprehend.

studio shot 2

So I will leave you with this quote I saw on the internet recently:

“your art

is not about how many people

like your work

your art

is about

if your heart likes your work

if our soul likes your work

it’s about how honest

you are with yourself

and you

must never

trade honesty

for relatability

  • rupi kaur


Available work – November 2019

Art portfolio- my work, Studio news


I’ve had a couple of inquiries about available work, thank you for the interest and continuous support.

See below a list of work and selected galleries where some works are still available….

  1. Everard Read gallery Franschoek  (Phone: 021 876 2446 –https://www.everard-read-franschhoek.co.za/

“In warm water” 2017 Cotton thread, doillies, and rubber 63 x 128 cm

(k)not of snakes 215 x 108 cm cotton thread and rubber 2018

“Catch of the day” 2017 Cotton thread and rubber 112 x 76 cm

2. Gallery at Grande Provence, Franschoek https://www.grandeprovence.co.za

Seisoensverandering 2019

Meisie met varkore aka Self-portrait as a garden gnome

3. Deepest Darkest Art Gallery, Cape Town Phone079 138 4203 https://www.deepestdarkestart.com/hannalie-taute

Little Ogres 2019

Atoms Family

4. 99 Loop gallery, Cape town https://www.artsy.net/show/99-loop-gallery-hannalie-taute-familie-kielie

a selection of mixed media work

Meisie met die los tong 2019

Family Motto 2019

5.  MContemporary Australia https://mcontemp.com/

“Right of admission reserved” Cotton thread and rubber

6.  Millennium gallery, Pretoria https://www.facebook.com/pages/category/Art-Gallery/Millennium-Gallery-269876733489843/ 

Installation view of my work in the group exhibition at Millennium gallery

Please contact the above galleries directly for more information about selected works.

I am happy to say that new work will be included in two group exhibitions at the end of this month…stay tuned for more information about that.

Until then, I hope you have a fabulous week. xxx




Remember, remember it’s November!….

Studio news

Yip, can you believe it! November is here already!

This month started on a high note, with lots of celebrations during the past weekend:

work in progress….

from Halloween, All Saint’s day, The day of the Dead and of course the Rugby World Cup.

I find it fascinating how sport can unite a Nation like it did this weekend.

“Sy is n bok vir sports/ She’s game” 2014 Cotton thread, batting and rubber (Private Collection)

Anyway from sport and celebrations to studio news….As you can see from “She’s game”, my fascination with hybrids comes a long way.

Talking about hybrids….

“Earn your stripes” 2019 Cotton thread, batting and rubber

…a vigor of hybrids, like “Earn your stripes” made their way to Tasmania and will be included in a group exhibition opening at the end of November, curated by Nicole O’Loughlin. I will post more info about this soon.


“Lovebirds” detail embroidered rubber, altered vintage photo 2019

This little bird, her lover and friends are heading off to Knysna for a group exhibition late November… watch this space 😉

I wish you a marvelous week ahead.

Until next time. xxx




Studio news/blog

Dit is die maand Oktober!

Ek dink die mense vier

Vir ewig in die hemel

Oktobermaand soos hier!

Wat wens jy meer as blomme,

as helder dag en nag?

Wat kan jy beter, mooier

of heerliker verwag?


Ek is nog in Oktober!

My tuin is nog so groen,

So wit met al wat mooi is,

met bloeisels van lemoen,

So pragtig in die môre,

so heerlik in die aand!

Ek is nog in Oktober,

die mooiste, mooiste maand!


Wat gee ek om die winter?

Wat praat jy nou van Mei?

Wat skeel dit as ons later

weer donker dae kry?

Ek is nou in Oktober,

die mooiste, mooiste maand…: (n gedeelte uit die gedig deur CL Leipoldt)

Ai, ek wens ek kan saam met Leipold stem, maar Oktober is my blouste, blouste maand. En dan praat ons nie eers van die sinus/hooikoors aanvalle nie!

So ek volg maar Antoinette Pienaar se raad:

“Sleurwerkies kalmeer jou. Dit bou keerwalle teen die smart.”

Einste Antoinette het ook gese:

“The reality of dealing with your own shit (in my geval snot) is n lewensbelangrike ding.  As jy eers met jou eie kak vrede gemaak het, val baie ander dinge in plek.”

Meisie met varkore aka Self-portrait as a garden gnome

Intussen het ek erens gelees dat Greta Thunberg (julle weet mos wie dit is) in n vorige toespraak die volgende gese het:

“I have many dreams. But this is the year 2019. This is not the time and place for dreams.”

Liewe genade…okay dit is ietwat uit konteks, sy het ook gese: “The time for fairytales is over!” Later het ek wel die bostaande woorde wel in konteks te siene gekry: https://www.independent.co.uk/voices/greta-thunberg-congress-speech-climate-change-crisis-dream-a9112151.html

Collage (private collection) 

bladsy uit die kinderboek: Agterstevoorland (1971)

“A cynic is a man who, when he smells flowers, looks around for a coffin” -Unknown

Nou ja liewe mens, op daardie nooit groet ek eers…

O, maar voor ek vergeet…ek het n nuwe woord geleer: EUCATASTROPHE !

Die woord is blykbaar deur J.R.R Tolkien geskep en dit beteken:

A happy ending!

Ons gesels, Deo volente, weer in November.