Happiness is a ‘new’ domain

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Dear fellow friends and bloggers! I am so excited to say that the process of ‘upgrading’ my blog to serve as a website has been relatively painless thanks to my friend from Addsomebutter and of course the people behind WordPress!

I wish I took a before and after screenshot, but those have been visiting my blog in the past, will hopefully agree that this new look is an improvement and I am very proud of this ‘new’ online space where I can share my passion for Art with you.

Hanging out at the office of Sune Moolman, discussing progress on this site

Hanging out at the office of Sune Moolman, discussing progress on this site

Please if you see a link that doesn’t work properly or maybe if the images upload very slowly, or when forgot to credit a photographer, or even a spelling mistake we overlooked, then please don’t hesitate to tell me about it.

Any suggestions or feedback will be much appreciated xxx


Under construction…

Art portfolio- my work, Studio news



Dear friends….

Confession: sometimes I like my toast buttered on both sides, so why not have a blog that functions as a website too….right….


So recently I had the pleasure of meeting the lovely author of a fantastic site:


We started talking and she gave me some amazing tips with regards to WordPress (yes, yes I know there’s a place where I can read-up on some WordPress related tips), but I function much better face to face….

So this site is so to speak under construction for now…there is still some hic-ups that I have to deal with….but please….

wish me luck….and thanks to those of you that have joined me on this journey …for better or worse, through thick and thin…

okay so you get the picture…watch this space and feel free to speak your mind x


my thoughts but not my heart you have….

Art portfolio- my work

Today is the 2year anniversary of my blog (according to wordpress).  How time flies when one is having fun.

I think I mentioned before that my husband once said that he knows i’ve got two lovers: one named Art.   The other my blog, aka the computer, aka Yoda (that’s what he calls our computer, because he is a fan of  star wars i suppose.)

so I think Yoda would have said it this way:  “My thoughts but not my heart you have….”

embroidery on rubber/inner tube, found doillie

embroidery on rubber/inner tube, found doillie

Thank you dear reader for reading, following, visiting my blog……

while my husband have my heart, you can have my thoughts.

Happy 2nd anniversary.