In good company for a good cause

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Author Lauren Beukes and curator Jacki Lang are putting together a charity art exhibition for the Open Book Festival in September, and I have been invited to participate!

 Who is Lauren Beukes?

 Lauren Beukes is an award-winning, best-selling South African author. Her novels include The Shining Girls, Zoo City and Moxyland, but she’s also written comics, kids animated TV shows and journalism. Lauren has a history of doing charity art projects loosely themed around her novels and has previously raised money for ex-offender rehabilitation organization Khulisa and The Suitcase Project for refugee kids around Zoo Cityand for the women’s group the Montagu Sew & Sews around Moxyland.  She promotes South African talent internationally whenever she can, often through interesting collaborations, including the Zoo City and Moxyland soundtracks from African Dope.

 And Jacki Lang?

  Jacki Lang is an independent South African design curator. She recently moved back From London after working as a curator, gallery manager, design writer and consultant forEight years. Her previous group art shows for charity in London include Napkin, which raisedMoney for The Peninsula School Feeding Association & Concern Worldwide.

 The Cause?

Rape Crisis is an incredible organization with a long history and a daunting mission.  They need all the support, funding and awareness we can help them with in order to improve their impact in our urban communities to combat violence against women and support rape survivors.  If the femicide, rape and child abuse rates in this country make you angry, you can make a difference.

 They sent me a couple of pages ripped from Lauren Beukes’s new book: The shining girls, and I was free to interpret these pages or only one page as I wish.  I have decided to use page 136.

Unfortunately I haven’t read “The Shining Girls” as we speak, but it’s definitely on my reading list.  I have read Lauren’s book: Maverick: Extraordinary Women from South Africa’s Past. This was beautifully written and very insightful.

 Here is a small section of the work I did for this exhibition.

A section of the piece I did for The Shining Girls for Rape Crisis Art Exhibition.

A section of the piece I did for The Shining Girls for Rape Crisis Art Exhibition.

 And since Lauren stated on her website that they are only showing snippets of the work on view, I decided that I will  post the full picture on the 6th when the exhibition opens.

 To see snippets of the other work and some names of the other artists participating in this event visit Lauren Beukes’s blog at here.

 Or just pop in for a visit to view it all on the 6th of September:

  • Opening night: Friday 6 September 2013
  • Time: 5.30pm
  • Venue: Cape Town School of Photography, 4th Floor, 62 Roeland Street, Cape Town (above Vida, opposite The Book Lounge) 
  • Exhibition runs until 13 September, open 9am-5pm daily. 
(p.s: the info about Rape Crisis and Laurens as well as Jacki’s bios are not written by me. Info via the invitation to participate)

Grown up

Art portfolio- my work

I saw a quote on facebook recently: “Don’t grow up it’s a trap” anon.

A trap indeed! A trap of chores to be done- instead I should have fun!

So I know I’ve promised my website would be up by now, but I have extended my own deadline to my 36th birthday which is not so far into the future from now.

 I’ve extended the date because the school holidays are upon us.

Usually I love school holidays, but

I wish the department of education will give moms a break and not make the winter holidays 3 weeks long!!  The first week was very rainy- at first it was fun and we played in the rain and puddles, but then the grown up in me realized that the laundry wont dry and we only have limited jerseys and sweaters and stuff and no tumble drier.

We baked chocolate cake, banana loaf and the kitchen looked more often than not like a natural disaster site.

We played Lego – E made ‘Axioms’ inspired by the movie Wall-E, (unfortunately S decided he’s Godzilla and destroyed our creations which made E very upset to say the least.  We painted on our glass sliding doors with powder paint.

Sometimes I wish my kids were at an age where I could teach them how to play chess or board games like Risk etc, it would really help!

Unfortunately our library doesn’t have a holiday program – which is really sad.

The grown up in me is really exhausted by this holiday- and looking forward to Monday when school starts again and I would have 3 and a half productive hours all to myself!

I have a new idea of a superhero….my grandmother who had SIX children! When the oldest child (my godmother) was twelve my mom the youngest was born. In between there was four boys.  She didn’t have a domestic worker because they couldn’t afford one.  They didn’t have television.  Her husband was of the breed where his shirts for the next day must be ironed, the children bathed and quiet and food ready on the table when he returned from work.  I wish she was still alive so that I could ask her: How did you do it without loosing yourself?  My aunt suffers from manic depression.  Could it be because she didn’t have a childhood?  She had to be my grandmothers little helper.

I wonder how other moms are coping.

The school holiday isn’t the only reason I haven’t worked on my ‘website’.  I started and finished the book: The Selected works of TS Spivet by Reif Larsen.



I loved it and fell in love with maps all over again…..I tried to do a couple of maps but the only one I could sort of pull of is this one:

mapping mamma

Mapping the “word Mamma” from 7am to 7pm is – I lost count somewhere, but you get the idea.

The website for this book is also amazing.  Wish I could pull of something like that for mine, but I’m afraid I’m not grown up (read clued up) enough for that.

I wonder why I always fall in love with books where the main character is a child. Eg: The selected writings o fTS Spivet by Reif Larsen, Extremely loud and incredibly close by Jonathan Safran Foer,  The power of one by Bryce Courtney, The little prince  by De Saint Exupery etc.  Sometimes I wish my childhood was as proactive as these characthers.

I had a lot of stolen moments with this book.  I read in the loo. I read in front of the stove, I tried to read and stitch at the same time with disastrous results, and now that the book is finished I feel sort of ….like I’m missing a friend?

Luckily today I received a marvelous package in the mail from a dear friend and it contained among other things, these two books:

Tank Girl The movie: A novel!!! Yay (so now I have the video, the comic and the book! All I need is the doll- if there is a doll?)

The Garden of Bad dreams by Christopher Hope.  (Inside this book is the following quote:  Danger and delight grown on one stalk” Old English proverb.) love that

I’m looking forward to start reading again.

 I have done some work besides reading and trying to think of things to do and not doing the website and of course, staying sane…..

I have written a couple of proposals and am delighted that 2 of my pieces will be in a group show at the end of August…..which I will tell you more about at a later stage…..

I have been busy trying to finish some pieces and stitching like a mad woman…..

Talking about stitching….off I go

Studio update….

Art portfolio- my work

Soon I won’t need to take orders anymore. I won’t be waitressing in the evenings because we will be relocating to another city mid April – that is if we find a decent house to rent. My husband found work at a construction company.  We will be moving away from the Klein Karoo, closer to the Coast.  Looking forward to unpack all my ‘stuff’ and start a new adventure.

Talking about orders, I am currently busy finishing the ‘orde’ series:

orde phthiraptera

Orde Phthiraptera: luise/lice

“Wyfieluise is meer volop as mannetjies en as mannetjies skaars word, kan die wyfies eiers lê wat uitbroei sonder dat hulle gepaar het.  Die eiers (of nete) word aan die vere of hare vasgeplak.  Die luise van seerobbe is so aangepas dat hulle net eiers op die robbe lê in die tyd van die jaar wanneer die robbe op land bly om self geboorte te gee en kleintjies groot te maak.” from the book “Ons eie insekte”

10 down 5 to go.  They must be finished in time to be exhibited at ArtKaroo gallery during the KKNK.

I am also in the process to create my own website.  I finally realized that a blog can not possibly function as a website and that the two is very different.  I am taking my time with it, but hopefully I will be able to launch it soon.

On my bedside table is the “Ultimate building book” by Steven Cane. I really enjoy it, but my boys are too small to do some of the projects yet, so I will make some notes so that we can build some amazing stuff when they are bigger.  In the meantime I am inspired to become a ‘sidewalk superintendant’.


“Even with insects- a novel” by Barbara Erasmus is another book beside my bed.  I love the following quote on page 119:

“He said that Eliot was wrong.  Home isn’t where you start from.  It is where you go back to.”

The results….

Studio news/blog

A while back I called for participation regarding the ‘erasure’ project I have been obsessed with….see here.

Thank you so much to those who participated.

Here are the results:


craig carbutt





Motor comedy not

horse play.

Many would laugh

Not cry.

Men say,

Women know’

The philosopher preaches

According to their convictions.


karma erasure


lenka clayton



On meanings, reading and 3D- random thoughts

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I have this habit of believing that the universe is sending me signs constantly.

Lately I have been seeing the name: Kurt Vonnegut a lot, and figured that maybe I should be reading more of his books.  Last year sometime I read his book Breakfast of Champions. I never finished it…unfortunately, but I loved this quote:

kurt vonnegut

Recently I read this post: here

written by  a fellow blogger.

It made me want to go and get the book again and finish reading it.

What this post made me also realizes is that at different stages in ones life one gets different things from the same book. We all are individuals so he saw something else in that book than what I saw way back then.

It’s the same with movies.  Two weeks ago I went to see “Life of Pi “ in 3D.   I’ve read the book years ago, but didn’t like it very much.  So after a lot of prompting from friends I eventually lost my 3D movie virginity and went to see it.  I loved it. I want to re-read the book again sometime. As for 3D movies- I’m not sure what the fuss is about, I mean I admire the ‘art’ of creating a movie like that. I still wonder how they do it? With computers? The camera itself? The screen? It reminded me of those books where you have to squint and move it closer and further away and voila! 3D.

Personally I believe that the story is more important than the visual effects so for me it doesn’t matter if I see it on the big screen in 3D or on DVD at home.

The other day I was looking for books written by Vonnegut.  There was only one : “Hocus Pocus” in our library, but I didn’t take it out yet, since I have to finish “Witches Abroad” by Terry Pratchet first. (A friend highly recommended it). Hocus Pocus- Witches Abroad…..mmmm

In Witches Abroad I found this quote about mirrors which reminds me of 3D movies :

“And your image extends forever, in reflections of reflections of reflections, and every image is the same, all the way around the curve of light.

Except that it isn’t.

Mirrors contain infinity.

Infinity contains more things than you think.

Everything for a start.

Including hunger.

Because there’s a million billion images and only one soul to go around.

Mirrors give plenty, but they take away lots”.

How do you feel about 3D? and

What are you reading currently?