Stinking Corpse Lily

Art portfolio- my work

“Stinking Corpse Lily” (Rafflesia arnoldii) 240 x 160 x 130 mm 2017

“Just because you’re naked

Doesn’t mean you’re sexy,

Just because you’re cynical

Doesn’t mean you are cool,

You may tell the greatest lies

And wear a brilliant disguise

But you can’t escape the eyes

Of the ones who sees right through you”

Tom Robbins


Art portfolio- my work

The common name for the plant Pachypodium namaquanum is “Half-mens” in Afrikaans, loosely translated it means: “Half-human”. I like that a lot.

Half-mens (Pachypodium namaquanum) 920 x 550 mm 2017 Cotton thread and rubber

My in-laws have one of these plants at their home in the Klein Karoo, but I must admit that I’ve never seen it blossom. I was very surprised to find images on the internet of “Half-mense” in bloom.


and of course I cannot resist the urge to quote Mr Tom Robbins once again:

“We’re destined to be clandestine,

Incognito is our very last hope.

I’ll meet you where the sun don’t shine,

With a fake I.D and some dope”

my show Incognito runs until the 10th of October at MContemporary gallery.