facing the cyclops

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Whenever I see a camera I cannot help but think of it as a cyclops! This one big eye staring at me…perhaps that’s the reason why it made me want to reveal too much about myself?

I am not yet comfortable to disclose the reason why I came face to face with this Cyclops this weekend…but what I will reveal is the identity of the three gentleman behind this ‘thing/being/camera/Cyclops…

behind me from left to right: Stian Bam, Jaco Bouwer and Henk Serfontein

behind me from left to right: Stian Bam, Jaco Bouwer and Henk Serfontein

maybe the clues for the reason of their visit to my studio can be found in the links to their profiles below?..

you are welcome to click on their names to go to their websites:

Stian Bam

Jaco Bouwer

Henk Serfontein

I’ll admit it was an interesting, intense, entertaining and an enlightening experience…maybe one day I’ll tell you more…but for now

I just hope that the footage it chewed up and is going to spew out will make my children be proud of their mamma someday.


lights, camera, action!

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I’m not exactly sure about my age in the above photo.  I was told that this was the first time my parents bought a camera (it was a polaroid camera).  Apparently I went missing in the shop for a short while.  When they found me they took this picture.

Now years later I self-psychoanalyse this and wonder if the above experience caused me to have such an aversion to cameras?  I do not feel very comfortable in front of them.

On Sunday I had to face the Cyclops (my name for a camera).  I had a interview with DeKat TV which they will broadcast later in the year.

I tried to do breathing exercises, a friend gave me a natural remedy to relax.   I felt jittery and talked fast, but after a while I started to enjoy the whole experience.  The camera man and presenter also helped to make me feel more comfortable.

Afterwards back home I pondered about my answers to their questions.  I get frustrated because I feel that I left out certain info which could be important or that I used my language wrong…..what is said is done – in the end it was fun.

Thank you DeKat.