Over the moon!

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January sure has been a very exciting month so far!

Not so long ago I received the wonderful news that my project: Lobotoy-me has won me a trip to this years Design Indaba.  Then I was informed that two rhino’s from Lobotoy-me’s collection will be included in the CCDI’s handmade collection which will be showcased at the Design Indaba 2012!

Recently I received an e-mail which stated that my exhibition “Skeidingsangs” at the KKNK 2011 was nominated for a Fiesta award in the category for best achievement in visual art.  That is why I am over the moon! I am bouncing off the clouds!

A friend once said that if you want something really bad, just ask for it and then forget about it.  I always yearned for such  recognition as above, but lately I have been so preoccupied that I forgot about that part of my ambition, until now.

Last year I received “The book of laughter and forgetting” by Milan Kundera from another dear friend.  I started reading it about a week ago.  Somehow I feel that everything is interconnected.  In this book I read about ‘Rhinoceros’ a play by Eugene Ionesco.  I never knew about it – my curiosity is triggered!  Especially since I read on Wikipedia that it belongs to the school of drama known as the ‘theatre of the absurd’, and according to the source it “explores the themes of conformity, culture, mass movements, philosophy and morality.”  Yum.

To return to the matter of laughter and forgetting-

I   will leave you with a quote from this book:

“…, laughter has no object; it is an expression of being rejoicing at being.  When moaning a person chains himself to immediate resent of his suffering body (and lies completely outside past and future), and in this ecstatic laughter he loses all memory, all desire, cries out to the immediate present of the world, and needs no other knowledge.”


p.s the text in the image above comes from the book: ” Sexing the cherry” by Jeanette Winterson