Domestic Craft…a story….

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In Some circles the word ‘craft’ often invoke a

“Hare-raising” 300 x 200 x 80 mm Cotton thread and rubber 2019

“hare-raising” feeling.

So usually in order for a work to be seen as “Art” it has to “Earn it’s stripes”.

Earn your stripes, 440 x 250 x 100mm Cotton thread and rubber

Seven years ago I stopped “Horsing around”…

“Horsing around” 350 x 180 x 80mm Cotton thread and rubber 2019

with different mediums/art materials and focused on embroidery and rubber.

I am not a….

“Fly by night” 280 x 180 x 80mm Cotton thread and rubber 2019

“Fly by night” artist, and the process is slow and sometimes painful, but as the saying goes:

“Slothliness is next to Godliness”.

“Slothliness is next to Godliness” 310 x 180 x 80mm Cotton thread and rubber 2019

The end.

The group exhibition “Domestic Craft” curated by Nicole O’ Loughlin runs until the 22nd of December. So if you are in Tasmania, feel free to visit the Rosny Farm, where you can also grab a catalogue:




Have a seat

Studio news/blog

While seated waiting for my appointment.  I paged through the Mail and Guardian newspaper.  I read an interesting article about artists collaborating with designers.  You can read the full article here.

I found it fascinating since I have always been interested in the blurring of boundaries between art, craft and design.

The piece that stood out for me was this one:

By the artist Daniella Mooney.

Besides the exquisite craftsmanship and aesthetics, it transported me to my childhood.  My grandmother’s house used to have floors like these.  My brother and I used to slide up and down the hall after it has been polished.  Imagine the fun we would have with a chair like this!

I couldn’t resist reading up more about her.  On her website she shares the process and photos of making this piece.

Her other work is just as interesting:

On the website of the gallery where she had her first solo it states:

With media as diverse as moss and borrowed wishes (retrieved from corporate fountains and forested baths), black fountains and light itself, Mooney’s exhibition posits art as a catalyst, and a container, for some of the enchantment of nature, science and everyday life. The artist uses her impeccable craftsmanship to carve, mould, burn and build; to create works as intriguing, beautiful and tragic as nature itself.

Intriguing, beautiful and tragic indeed….


Art portfolio- my work

My new project! Its not fine art..

is it craft?

well I enjoy it and its fun….kids love it.  The medium is amazing.  Its taking up most of my time (between cooking, cleaning, kids, loving and blogging) and it might just be able to put bread and butter on the table, since the bloody art world in South Africa is so unstable.

So off to a great photographer called Melanie Mare ( we went….and this is what the photos look like.

I started a new blog for them:,

but I will still keep this blog going with some (m)otherwise thoughts and new work.  I will keep on working in my sketchbooks and artist books and small drawings while I search for that masterpiece/s….mister time and sister muse.


Watch this space for some great South African artists whose work deals with the mother and child theme….

I’ll keep you posted!