Putting the pieces back together again

Art portfolio- my work
"Putting the pieces back together again." Cotton thread, rubber, batting and wood

“Putting the pieces back together again.” Cotton thread, rubber, batting and wood (photo Alex Hamilton)

 “Stories come form a part of you that only gets visited rarely – sometimes never at all.  I think most people spend so much time trying to convince themselves that their lives are stories that the actual story-creating part of their brains (or hearts?) hardens and dies. People forget that there are other ways of ordering the world.” p169 Generation A by Douglas Coupland


Art portfolio- my work
"Safe" Cotton thread, rubber, batting and wood

“Safe” Cotton thread, rubber, batting and wood

Sometimes it’s ‘safe’ not to say anything.


Sometimes I wish I could lock up my words to keep the ‘safe’…

Anyway so I’ve tried to make some time for reading because a new Douglas Coupland book has found it’s way to my bedside table!

So I will say goodnight with a quote from the book: “Generation A”:

“Terrorize, threaten and insult your own useless generation.  Suddenly you’ve become a novel idea and you’ve got people wanting to join in.  You’ve gained credibility form nothing.  You’re the talk of the town.  Develop this as a story you can sell.” -Malcolm McLaren