“Never smile at a Crocodile…”

Art portfolio- my work

“Never Smile at a Crocodile” as written by Jack Lawrence and Frank Churchill.

Never smile at a crocodile
No, you can’t get friendly with a crocodile
Don’t be taken in by his welcome grin
He’s imagining how well you’d fit within his skin
Never smile at a crocodile
Never dip your hat and stop to talk awhile
Never run, walk away, say goodnight, not good-day
Clear the aisle but never smile at Mister Crocodile
You may very well be well bred
Lots of etiquette in your head
But there’s always some special case, time or place
To forget etiquette
For instance:
Never smile at a crocodile

Putting a smile on her face


Art portfolio- my work

The word “balance” appears in almost everything I read, and everywhere I go these days.

Balance….what is so special about that?  In a world out of balance, it seems that everyone wants it.

Could the two words/terms “balance” and “juggling” hang out together?

As a mother I find myself yearning for some form of balance as well…..or something/someone to help me balance everything.

A mother’s helper

“In fine art balance refers to a composition or placement of elements of design in such a manner as to produce an aesthetically pleasing or harmoniously integrated whole:  Focusing on the bigger picture might assist in becoming a harmoniously integrated whole person.  Life, like art, is not about perfection.  It is about how you arrange what you have”  

-Survival guide: autumn issue-




Art portfolio- my work

I am currently working on a new series.  Using any piece of paper, pen, ink that’s lying around.  Stitching the paper together with a sewing machine. Having fun.  They are my paper-dolls: (in progress- a sneak peek)


Paperdoll #1:  Dandy lady


Paper-doll # 3: Addicted to ink


Paper-doll #2 : Me.Raai


Paper-doll #4: Miss Some One


Paper-doll #5: Unbalanced diet


Paper-doll #6: Souvenir Portrait


Paper-doll #7:  You can’t catch me

Siembamba (let’s play pretend) 2004

Art portfolio- my work

This was my first solo exhibition.  It was held at the Joao Ferreria Gallery in Cape Town.

In this exhibition my work seeks to represent my emotional and psychological feelings resulting from toys/dolls.  Every child is born with a natural instinct to play and little girls are born with a natural instinct towards motherhood.  Since I am in my childbearing years, I try to redefine the nostalgic, idealistic longing I had with dolls.  For a little girl the everyday actions of dressing, feeding or to do the hair of a doll is the perfect occasion to prepare for her role as a mother.

Whether luxury objects or simple children toys, dolls have evolved to embody aesthetic ideals.  My aim is to reconstruct dolls, trying to remove them from a craft background and also disrupt the emotional impact they might have on an adult.  By using dolls I try to trace the quiet happiness typical of childhood play, asking myself the question:  “Would we be different if our toys were different?”

Here follow some more pictures of the Miss….series:










and the “let’s play pretend series”:

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