Best wishes

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Dear Friends,

That’s a wrap from me for 2017…

What a interesting, year it has been!

Thank you for all the love and every comment, feedback as well as invitations to participate in exhibitions I received during this year.

Best wishes for the festive season.

I’ll hope to ‘see’ you in the new year again xxx


 Pan / Pale Man: A long time ago, in the underground realm, where there are no lies or pain, there lived a Princess who dreamed of the human world. She dreamed of blue skies, soft breeze, and sunshine. One day, eluding her keepers, the Princess escaped. Once outside, the brightness blinded her and erased every trace of the past from her memory. She forgot who she was and where she came from. Her body suffered cold, sickness, and pain. Eventually, she died. However, her father, the King, always knew that the Princess’ soul would return, perhaps in another body, in another place, at another time. And he would wait for her, until he drew his last breath, until the world stopped turning…-quote from the movie “Pan’s Labyrinth”



An ‘impromptu’ head-dress

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So I’ve made this ‘impromptu head-dress’ last week. The embroidered rubber wings are actually meant for a sculpture I’m working on, but I realized that they fit nicely around my head.

The impromptu photo-shoot followed…My friend Karen took these photographs over the weekend. Much fun.

Hope you have a great week everyone.

Throwback Thursday: Fun on the farm

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Pre-exhibition playing dress-up on a friends farm with the ‘outfit’ I wanted to wear to the opening of the Grimm Needle exhibition.

“Man is least himself when he talks in his own person. Give him a mask and he will tell you the truth” Oscar Wilde





One day I hope to add some embroidery on the dress.





Photographer: Anli Botha

Dr. Plague rubber mask made by : Anli Botha

Hooped rubber skirt made by: William Mills

Behind the scenes….Stink Afrikaners

Art portfolio- my work

So here are some ‘behind the scenes’ look at my Woordfees experience!

I am also very lucky to have a handy husband to help me hang my work…here he is busy doing his thing.


The day after we installed my show at the Hofmeyer-hall in Stellenbosch, we went for a picnic with friends…I have known this friend since High School, so it was lovely catching up and reminiscing about the school-days and what happened in-between. Looking up at the trees and dreaming out loud.


Opening night!

I love dressing up- since childhood! – still do, so love that I had the opportunity at the festival to do just that! Most of the rubber props which I wore I made myself, except for the rubber skirt!


Standing next to the Visual Art Co-ordinator aka Curator for the Woordfees 2016: Alex Hamilton.  For the opening event I wore a rubber skirt, which a dear friend from Stilbaai made for me.


Opening night with fellow artists Jaco Sieberhagen and Gordon Froud

Opening night with fellow artists Jaco Sieberhagen and Gordon Froud


With fellow artists and friends Corlie de Kock and Theo Kleynhans with part of the sculpture by Mary Sibande

With fellow artists and friends Corlie de Kock and Theo Kleynhans with part of the sculpture by Mary Sibande

Here is the full view of Mary’s work. She was what they call the Festival Artist. I absolutely love her work!


I am so very pleased that Mayford sponsored some “Marygold/Afrikaner’ seed, which I handed out each day of the Festival, hoping that visitors will plant it and think about the Festival long after…(A company called Pakketmoles in Stilbaai helped me to laser-cut the rubber pieces that I attached to the seed packets- since sometimes people like to feel the rubber and it’s thickness.)


Day one! The Woordfees are officially open to the public!

The green shoes in this photo were killing my feet at the end of the day, but a nice exersize to try and walk with them!

photo taken by Christiaan Diedericks

photo taken by Christiaan Diedericks

Day 2:

I wore a rubber bonnet. Inspired by the one I saw at the Museum in Stilbaai. It’s not perfect, but I made it myself and was fun wearing it! On this day it was sunny and suddenly a few drops of rain appeared early morning. This bonnet has a multi purpose- helped protect me against the sun and is water-proof!


It was great meeting up with friends that I haven’t seen for a while!


Day 3:

Wearing a pollen- inspired headpiece which a dear lady from Stilbaai crochet for me! I almost felt like Maya the bee with the rubber/tea-sieve goggles! With me in this picture is Linda Coetsee from the guest house called Coronata20 in Stellenbosch! She was so kind as to help me attach my fake eyelashes the one day.


Day 4:

With not a lot of sleep, I felt a bit ‘deur die blare’  So I wore a leaf inspired outfit with green camouflage stripes on face and tiara 😉

loraine maritz foto

What a surprize when a dear friend came to my show all the way from Fishhoek on her bike!


That same day me and fellow artist Joshua Miles had to talk to an audience about our different approach regarding medium and theme. Here we are – photo taken a few days before:


Day 5:

Still feeling like a ‘wilted flower’ I called this look: Verlepte Angelier! I am standing with Farley Samuels. He was working for the Woordfees, and came to the exhibition space everyday, and took some photos. It was lovely meeting the people that made the Woordfees memorable!


I also made new friends, in this photo is Hugo van Schalkwyk.

liezl le roux foto 2

Check out his blog here! and he made this awesome video about his experience of the Woordfees:

This was also the day I heard about the Astroid 2013 TX68 that almost hit Earth!


Day 6:

I made myself a mask from rubber…since my show is called STINK Afrikaners!


So obviously my favourite word of the day would be:


Day 7:

I was so happy to find the Green Sleeves Vintage Clothing pop-up shop! Bought some wigs, like this purple one, and made a new friend…I really like the dress he is wearing, and wanted to buy it,  but he looks much better in it!


I’m not so sure if purple was the ‘right’ colour to wear in Stellenbosch because of this incident: see here

but that’s why my favourite word of the day was: “PERS-epsie” a wordplay on “perception and the colour pers/purple)


Day 8: 

feeling like a ‘kwaadsaaier”:


taking a break with fellow artist and friend Henk Serfontein.

henk foto

I was also lucky to see Karen Zoid in action on the stage that evening. Unfortunately all my photos were a blur!     but on

Day 9:

Karen Zoid came to see the exhibitions, and had a chance for a quick photo:

foto zelda

This was also the day that my Husband arrived back in Stellenbosch. Almost time for packing up. I wore this hand stitched rubber apron especially for him!


Last day:

decided to call this look: Sondebok (Scapegoat)


A big thank you to my mother in law for looking after my kids, while I spend time in Stellenbosch. I had a great time catching up on all things cultural, and seeing some wonderful theatre productions- meeting great people and creating memorable moments!



KykNet Fiëstas 2015…

Art portfolio- my work, Studio news/blog

Wednesday just before midnight we (my husband and I) arrived at the President Protea Hotel which was to become our ‘home’ for 2 nights.

Upon arrival we found these lovely chocolates in our room:


Thursday morning all the nominees had a chance to practise their speech…just in case; and each one received a beautiful etching done by Diane Victor:


Diane Victor etching

Diane Victor etching

Afterwards we were treated to a lovely breakfast:

Benoemdes ontbytWe had the afternoon free…so we decided to explore Seapoint and I found some cool vintage clothing and goggles.

Eventually it was time to get ready for the evening:

croppedI made a rubber bow-tie for my husband…that is how far he will go when it comes to dressing up 😉 and I decided to wear the “Marie-Antoinette” wig with face paint and my rubber dress.  Apparently Marie-Antoinette is famous for the line: “Let them eat cake”…..but in this case: “Let them eat rubber”!

As it turns out I wasn’t the only one that likes dressing up!:


These lovely people greeted the guests arriving on the blue carpet at the Artscape Theatre.  Inside we were greeted by a lady with a table as a dress, serving us some sparkling wine!

saam champagne tafel meisie


And the winners are…………………….


Congratulations to artist Gerhard Marx for winning in the “Best visual art” category.

Then there was the after-party!



Thank you KykNet  and White-Rabbit-Productions for a wonderful evening!