Art portfolio- my work

My new project! Its not fine art..

is it craft?

well I enjoy it and its fun….kids love it.  The medium is amazing.  Its taking up most of my time (between cooking, cleaning, kids, loving and blogging) and it might just be able to put bread and butter on the table, since the bloody art world in South Africa is so unstable.

So off to a great photographer called Melanie Mare (www.melaniemphotography.co.za) we went….and this is what the photos look like.

I started a new blog for them: www.lobotoy-me.blogspot.com,

but I will still keep this blog going with some (m)otherwise thoughts and new work.  I will keep on working in my sketchbooks and artist books and small drawings while I search for that masterpiece/s….mister time and sister muse.


Watch this space for some great South African artists whose work deals with the mother and child theme….

I’ll keep you posted!