A visual requiem for Judith Mason

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The group exhibition: A Visual Requiem for Judith Mason opens tomorrow at 11h00….If you are in the Tulbagh area = you are invited!- or contact the Christo Coetzee Museum & Gallery for more information…

I am honoured that my work are included in a group exhibition with other amazing South African Artists, bringing homage to a iconic and inspiring artist Judith Mason.

The following works by Judith Mason served as inspiration:

“Arachne” by Judith Mason

“The mission of Art” after “Arachne” by Judith Mason
Altered page, embroidery on rubber 2017

Woman in a fur coat by Judith Mason

(after Woman in a fur coat by Judith Mason.)
Altered page, embroidery on rubber, 2017

painting By Judith Mason

“Lines ‘written’ on a friend” (for Judith Mason)
Altered page, embroidery on rubber, 2017

Portrait of…

Studio news/blog

I’m not used to doing portraits of other people …..but recently I received the exciting challenge from Arts Patron Stuart Trent (read more about him here) to do his portrait.



reference for ebroidery

reference for ebroidery

Since I don’t know Stuart on a personal level…


I decided to make a grey-scale embroidered portrait based on the classical sculpture busts.

It also reminded me of a chess piece.

Check mate.




Studio news

These altered pages will be on view at 99 Loop gallery in Cape Town as part of their group exhibition: Alteration, which opens tomorrow night…so if you are in the area please join them at 6pm for a glass of wine.




"Unfinished Picture"

“Unfinished Picture”









Fellow artists whose work also forms part of the Alteration group exhibition are:  Ilené Bothma, Zarah Cassim, Karen Cronje, Keneilwe Mokoena,  and Gawie Joubert, 

and I’m happy to be a part of it.


Flashback Friday= opening night: Grimm Needle

Art portfolio- my work

The Grimm Needle exhibition at Fried Contemporary Gallery close tomorrow.

It is with fond memories that I revisit the opening night on this “Flashback Friday”….


During the evening everyone who attended the opening were asked to write their names and telephone numbers on a piece of paper and put it in one of Johan Thom’s hats. Later in the evening Mika Thom the owner of the gallery drew one name from that hat…


The one’s whose name were drawn received this piece below, which I especially made for this event (in this case Sarel Petrus received it- who is a fellow artist whom I have never met until that evening and whose solo exhibition is up next at this gallery!)

"Shall I come in and cut your thead..." Vintage page with embroidered re-purposed rubber

“Shall I come in and cut your threads…” Vintage page with embroidered re-purposed rubber

Thank you to friends, colleagues and everyone who visited my exhibition (in the flesh or via the web) and to the patrons who are taking some work home with them.  To those of you (you know who you are) who helped, listened, talked, supported and pampered me before and after the show…a heartfelt thank you.


Radio inteview about my solo exhibition. (sorry my English speaking friends, this is in Afrikaans)


Work those fingers to the bone

Art portfolio- my work


"Work those fingers to the bone" 2016 Cotton thread, batting and rubber 25 x 18 cm

“Work those fingers to the bone” 2016 Cotton thread, batting and rubber 25 x 18 cm

“Borduurwerk is die handwerk wat die algemeenste deur vroue w^ereldwyd gedoen word.  Elke vrou weet hoe om naaldwerk te doen en die begeerte om hierdie mag vir iets meer as net gebruiksartikels aan te wend, is by die meeste vroue ingebore.” Dawid C. Minter