Fauna & Flora aka Beauty and the Beast

Art portfolio- my work
"Fauna & Flora aka Beauty and the Beast" Embroidery on rubber/inner tube and found fibre

“Fauna & Flora aka Beauty and the Beast” Embroidery on rubber/inner tube and found fibre


“…I found a book of fairy tales, and read one called ‘Beauty and the Beast.’

In this story, a beautiful young woman finds herself the forfeit of a bad bargain made by her father.  As a result, she has to marry an ugly beast, or dishonour her family forever.  Because she is good, she obeys.  On her wedding night, she gets into bed with the beast, and feeling pity that everything should be so ugly, gives it a little kiss.  Immediately, the beast is transformed into a handsome young prince, and they both live happily ever after.

I wondered if the woman married to a pig had read this story.  She must have been awfully disappointed if she had.  And what about my Uncle Bill, he was horrible, and hairy, and looking at the picture, transformed princes aren’t meant to be hairy at all.

Slowly I closed the book.  It was clear that I had stumbled on a terrible conspiracy.

There are women in the world.

There are men in the world.

And there are beasts.

What do you do if you marry a best?

Kissing them didn’t always help.

And beasts are crafty.  They disguise themselves like you and I.”

From the book: “Oranges are not the only fruit” by Jeanette Winterson. (pg. 70 and 71)



Festivities and other ties…

Art portfolio- my work
"Tong uitsteek is soentjies vra" embroidery on rubber 2013

“Tong uitsteek is soentjies vra” embroidery on rubber 2013

What a curious month so far!!!

Round about the time of Mandela’s passing, our computer decided that it doesn’t want to switch on anymore.  Besides that we had a small technological meltdown.  The microwave had hiccups and my cell phone died every time I spoke to someone.

A couple of weeks later I am able to heat milk for coffee again.  I can have telephonic conversations again and am able to work on the computer.  This time I have to figure out Windows 8, feels strange, when you are used to XP.  I am not fond of change, but nevertheless I am pleased to surf the net again and have access to a ‘blikbrein’.  I could also listen to this interview/podcast, because i missed the actual program on RSG  ( listen here) – how strange it feels  to hear my own voice.  I use the word ‘interesting’ a lot…..anyway

In retrospect I appreciate the time without being able to go online.  It made me aware of time-management and cured me of my addiction to social networks.

As we near the end of the year I feel that I have my priorities in check (so I hope)

PLAY:  I intend to do just that with my family and friends.  As a matter of fact, my husband, the kids and myself do that already while on the beach or in the garden or at the river, slip and sliding in mud or while visiting the local nursery and learning about plants.

LEARN: I hope to never lose my curiosity.  Keep asking questions.

WORK:  Work to me isn’t a negative word.  I love working on ideas and new embroideries.  Currently I am preparing for 2 shows early next year.  *A group show called “Actuality and Illusion” at the Erdmann Contemporary gallery – and – *A solo show “Rubber ever After” at the Klein Karoo National Arts Festival (KKNK).  I am so excited- so many ideas so little time.  Watch this space for details.

MAKE OR TAKE TIME:  How does one say that? Make (productive) Take (forceful)??? To make or take time – figuring out time and making use of it.  To really make or take time listening to others, especially my little ones, since their ideas are truly fascinating.  To make or take time writing overdue letters. To make or take time to be quiet (in mind and body).

LOVE all of the above.

Now to love you and leave you, until next year, with warm wishes for a magical time during this time.