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These altered pages will be on view at 99 Loop gallery in Cape Town as part of their group exhibition: Alteration, which opens tomorrow night…so if you are in the area please join them at 6pm for a glass of wine.




"Unfinished Picture"

“Unfinished Picture”









Fellow artists whose work also forms part of the Alteration group exhibition are:  Ilené Bothma, Zarah Cassim, Karen Cronje, Keneilwe Mokoena,  and Gawie Joubert, 

and I’m happy to be a part of it.


“Broken monsters”

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"Sometimes I dream with my eyes open" a detail of my work for the Broken monsters exhibition. photo Jacki Lang

“Sometimes I dream with my eyes open” a detail of my work for the Broken monsters exhibition. photo creditJacki Lang

Here follows the press release:

Broken Monsters Charity Art Show

Dear Friends

Lauren Beukes and I are thrilled to announce that we are doing it again with her latest book, Broken Monsters: an art exhibition with incredible local artists donating new and original artworks on her book pages to raise money for charity.

In 2013 for her book, The Shining Girls, we raised R100 000 for Rape Crisis and this time around, for Broken Monsters, the charity is a kids’ literacy initiative called Book Dash – an incredible organization that gathers volunteer writers and illustrators to team up on a Book Dash day and write an amazing new kids book together in one day that anyone can freely translate and distribute. Printing is then made possible by donations and sponsorship and the books are given out to underprivileged children across the country. (

We are also excited to announce that we have secured funding from Nandos who have come on board as a partner to make this all happen and to ensure that 100% of proceeds from the artwork sales will go to producing Book Dash books.

Each artwork will sell for R1500. It costs R10 to print a Book Dash book, so each page from the Broken Monsters Charity Art Show with its new artwork on it, will buy 150 books! A beautiful cycle where books becomes artworks, and then become books again.

This year, our amazing and generous South African artists – approximately 130 of them – have produced enough work (more than double our show in 2013) to have unique selling exhibitions in both Cape Town and Johannesburg.

The dates are as follows:

Cape Town:

12 November 5.30 for 6pm / corner of Harrington and Barrack Streets


26 November 5.30 for 6pm / 10A Victoria Road, Lorentzville

For further info, please find us at:


Twitter: @laurenbeukes @jackicurates

Instagram: jackicurates

We look very forward to seeing you there

Jacki Lang

Curator / Broken Monsters Charity Art Show / Tel: +27 (0) 82 08 444 22


Days of my life….

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I recently took part in a project called Mother’s days.  And as from yesterday my ‘day’ is up on Lenka Clayton’s page called Residency in Motherhood. 


You can read more about it here…..

It felt so strange to document every activity and keep track of all the minutes and how one spends it.

It also felt strange reading it again, I enjoyed documenting my day, but I can’t see myself doing that every day…..very exhausting.

A week or so ago I finished my ‘Woman, Wedlock and the World’ erasure project

where I post an erased page a day on twitter…..i got so addicted that I want to start a new one, so I decided to use the remains of the book: “What young wives ought to know”.  So as from tomorrow I will post an erased page – erased advice to young wives.  I don’t have the front part of the book anymore so have no idea when it was published, but from the words I gather it wasn’t recently:

erasure youngh woman

I don’t know where this is headed, but I am having fun.

I like to keep myself busy with little odd things to entertain myself ‘just for fun’. (I am a firm believer of fun-does fun add meaning to ones life or does it make the days shorter or more interesting?)  I started posting on Fridays a photo of myself where I painted my face with face paint I received as a present from a friend.  I call the album “face painting Fridays on facebook. It is challenging painting with facepaint – a strange medium, but I think that professional facepaint are probably more easily applicable.

gestreepte self

The other days in my life is spend on finishing work for 2 deadlines coming up early March and a project for the KKNK at the end of March (I will tell you more about that later)

I started working as awaitress (again-can you believe it!- I must have my head examined) 3 nights a week just to see if I can clear my credit card debt faster to get ahead financially.  I decided on waitressing because the hours are flexible.  The other days are filled with playtime with the kids and working on art…….

These are my current days of my life in a nutshell…..

I am secretly curious about what other peoples days look like………

An experiment- a call for participation….

Art portfolio- my work

A while ago I did a post about “erasing words”.

Now I would like to do an experiment but some participation is needed/welcomed.

I would like to see how many different versions one can get from erasing words of the same page by x amount of different people.  Since each person is an individual, I assume that there are endless possibilities…..and that is what makes erasure poetry so appealing to me…

So I chose the last page to experiment on.

If you’d like to participate= copy/ print this page below- erase the words with your medium of choice, and e-mail it back to me…(  I will do a post about the results in 18 days.

woman, wedlock & the world page

Oh and if you have any questions- please do not hesitate to ask.

Looking forward to it.