Art portfolio- my work

Well that’s a wrap for “Eugenics” my solo at .MContemporary gallery in Australia.

Doodgelukkig 2023 photographic print, thread and rubber. SOLD

Time flies when you are having fun!

Heartfelt thanks to the gallery for hosting my show. Thank you to everyone for your kind comments, support and encouragement. Also thank you to all the collectors who added a piece to their collection. Much appreciated.

*Doodgelukkig is an Afrikaans word, an intensive form of Very happy – direct translation Dead happy.

“How shall we measure success?

It isn’t popularity,  money, or critical esteem (although all of that helps). Success occurs in the privacy of the soul. It comes in the moment you decide to release the work, before exposure to a single opinion. When you’ve done all you can to bring out the work’s greatest potential.  When you’re pleased and ready to let go.”

“Our calling is to make beautiful works to the best of our ability. Sometimes they will be applauded or rewarded, sometimes not. If we second guess our inner knowing to attempt to predict what others may like, our best work will never appear.”

“Sharing art is the price of making it. Exposing your vulnerability is the fee.”

And on a farm the strangers lived happily ever after

Art portfolio- my work
And on a farm the strangers lived happily ever after 2023 photographic print, thread and rubber SOLD

“Fairy tales are not medicine for the sick world in which we live. They are indications and traces of what we were and can become. They are literally alternative worlds in which ethics and morals in our so-called real worlds are tested. It is through our imaginations and imaginative worlds that we create sound strategies not only for survival but also for the endowment of enlightenment. The small people must learn to be smart and outsmart the villains of the earth.” – quote written in my diary but I forgot to write down the source 😉

My solo exhibition “Eugenics” is coming to an end soon.

Feel free to visit the gallery to see it in persiobnor alternatively the gallery website:

Wishing you a wonderful weekend.

Eugenics for dummies

Art portfolio- my work

Eugenics was and is a very controversial subject. One that I am constantly learning more about. With that said, it is also a very apt theme to investigate in this day and age, especially in a country which is obsessed with race. Little did I know while working on this exhibition that the BEE and equity laws in our country will come under the spotlight again – see here for more info: or

Which makes me wonder what is the future for our boys in this country after they finish school?

So besides these new laws, there is also the uncertainty and fears surrounding A.I. For example our eldest son currently dreams of becoming a programmer after he finish school, and his teacher told him recently that he should reconsider his career dream, since A.I will replace programmers in the future. What? Why not teach the children a programming language right now- giving them hope- and not make them feel that all is lost?

In response we as a family watched this video: which gave him hope again.

Anyway, I will leave you with the following quote: ” The man who made a mistake not only refused to unmake it but decided to go on making it. But in this, he made yet another most amusing mistake,  which was the beginning of all Eugenics. ” – G.K Chesterton from his book Eugenics and other evils. 

and another quote by Rick Rubin.

On that note, I wish you a wonderful weekend.

The giants started a terrible fight…

Art portfolio- my work

during Eugenics at .MContemporary gallery

The giants started a terrible fight 2023

“It happened one day that an atheist and a man were standing together on a doorstep, and the atheist said, “it is raining.” To which the man replied, “What is raining?” : which question was the beginning of a violent quarrel and a lasting friendship.” G.K Chesterton from his book: Eugenics and other evils.


“The unicorns were captured near a small house in the forest and lived happily ever after.”

The unicorns were captured near a small house in the forest and lived happily ever after

My solo exhibition continues this week until the 30th at MContemporary gallery. For more info feel free to send an email to

Wishing you a fabulous week ahead.

Above quote by Rick Rubin

Eugenics – Opening night

Art portfolio- my work

Last night (16 May 2023) was the opening night of my solo exhibition “Eugenics” at gallery .MContemporary in Sydney Australia.

A heartfelt thanks to everyone who cared about attending the opening yesterday. ❤ Thank you all working behind the scenes for making it happen. Also thank you for acquiring some of my work. Much appreciated.

Herewith some opening night images courtesy of the gallery:

Wish I was there, but in the meantime I celebrated with coffee and smores – South African time 😉