Adventures in BaardskeerdersBos ….

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This beautiful renovated approx 1930’s farmhouse was where our exhibition took place.


artist Liz van den Berg in action during the Art-route

view inside 1

view inside 2

view 3

view 4

view 5

view 6

Juhlene Moller captured these moments

Another highlight on the farm was the Fynbos exhibition by James Kriel

Fynbos view 1

Fynbos view 2

Fynbos view 3

Fynbos view4

Fynbos uitstalling

Fynbos view5

Early on Sunday Morning we took a hike to view the Cascades on the farm:

view of Kloof

cascades 1

resting along the way

The rondawel at Tierfontein

A Misfit and a Mermaid



Well Worn : e-catalogue

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Dear friends,

For those of you that cannot make it to the gallery to see this show…

below is a link to the online catalogue for your viewing pleasure 🙂

Enjoy! Hope you have a great week


No sweat…I dare you

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“No sweat” 2015 Cotton thread, batting and rubber Photo courtesy JP Hanekom

If you plan to visit Lizamore & Associates gallery this weekend, be sure to punch this in the face! I dare you! Not that I’m a fan of violence, but lets call this an exercise – feel free to interact. After all it is a punching bag.

Unless there is a sticker on it, which usually means that it has sold, and then it does not belong to me anymore…but as far as I know, for now, I am still able to give you permission.  If you do decide to interact with this piece, feel free to send me some footage.

Detail: ” No sweat” with “Water up to the throat” in the background. Installation view. Photographer: Melanie Tait

Enjoy the weekend everyone.

Come Hell or High water…exhibition catalogue

Art portfolio- my work

“Catch of the day” 2017 Cotton thread and rubber 112 x 76 cm

Hi everyone, Herewith a full catalog compiled by Lizamore & Associates gallery ….see link below:

Come hell or high water by Hannalie Taute (1)

if you’d like more information feel free to send them an email to: