Dear Mother City…(Minutes to Midnight)

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Dear Mother City, (aka Cape Town)

I visited you earlier in October, and I must say it was an experience I wouldn’t forget.

The energy in mid-city is quite contagious and at the same time exhausting, and the traffic intense. As a small-town girl, I think I could not handle it for more than a week, but I suppose one can get used to it.

She always wanted to be a bad girl 92 x 64 cm cotton thread and rubber 2018

Your inhabitants were very supportive, kind, generous and made me feel welcome.

I even spotted this guy in one of your museums and he laughed his ass of at me for feeling so overwhelmed:

Taxidermy Hyena at the Iziko Museum – Cape Town

And I almost lost my head to a hippo…

Luckily my friend made me a concoction of some Bach-flower remedies for the nerves.

Bach remedies

and I channeled some horse-power with a Mary Sibande sculpture:

Moi with a Mary Sibande sculpture at the Iziko Art Museum

I did not see and experience half as much as I wanted to, but I did have a blast at the opening night of my solo exhibition Minutes to Midnight at 99 Loop gallery!

A big thank you to everyone who came to the opening night, and those who couldn’t make it to the opening, the exhibition runs until the 27th of October, so please feel free to pop in.

Her dark side 141 x 95 cm cotton thread, batting and rubber 2018 (private collection)

P.S ever wondered why Cape Town is known as the Mother City? Well, if you follow this link there’s 6 reasons why.


please, pleasing, not a pleasure

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I have a confession.

I am a pleaser.

I want to please my children.

I want to please my husband.

I want to please friends.

I want to please Art.

I want to please myself.

Why do I seem to always put my own pleasure last?

Here is an example of what happens when you want to please….

I wanted to work and stitch on a piece of rubber, but instead I took E (my 5year old son) fishing… because he kept nagging me to.  I struggled to put on the bait correctly.  Then I tried to juggle E and his brothers fishing rods.  At the end we had to go home because it was getting dark and I had to prepare dinner.  The fishing trip ended in tears because we didn’t manage to catch anything.  So what should have been a pleasing experience ended up not being pleasurable.

Note to self: Please Pleaser stop pleasing!