meet the artist part 7 – working with rubber

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Artist photographed by KleinJan Groenewald 2020

Rubber is a very tactile substance and I love the skin-like quality of it, which can be highly fetishized.

It also distances my work from the perceived softness or delicacy of ‘women’s work’ to become the opposite – hard labor.

Working with rubber is like fusing two seemingly irreconcilable material forms together along with their associated symbolic values.


Thank you for reading my ‘meet the artist’ posts during this month, reaching the half way mark today. I wish you a lovely Valentines day. xxx



Her dark side/Fetish…

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“Man is least himself when he talks in his own person. Give him a mask, and he will tell you the truth” Oscar Wilde

Her dark side/Fetish 2015/6 Cotton thread, batting and rubber 140 x 98 cm

Her dark side/Fetish 2015/6 Cotton thread, batting and rubber 140 x 98 cm

This used to be the piece: Kopsku, which I’ve reworked for an upcoming exhibition.

I’ve added an “African mask”-

In most traditional African cultures, the person who wears a ritual mask conceptually loses his or her human identity and turns into the spirit represented by the mask itself.[3] This transformation of the mask wearer into a spirit usually relies on other practices, such as specific types of music and dance, or ritual costumes that contribute to conceal the mask-wearer’s human identity. The mask wearer thus becomes a sort of medium that allows for a dialogue between the community and the spirits (usually those of the dead or nature-related spirits). Wikipedia


not a threat/thread…

Art portfolio- my work
"Not a thread" found objects, material, thread and embroidery on rubber

“Not a thread” found objects, material, thread and embroidery on rubber

I’ve been reading a book a friend gave me: “Dolls “by Max von Boehm.

I love the following paragraphs from page 55/56:

“Psychologists and criminologists speak of ‘doll fetishism’ as a special form of nervous mental disorder.  “The love of dolls”, says Fere, “can intrude so far as to eliminate entirely any affection for a living issue.”  Women among whom the love of dolls persists even in advanced age are not rare.  Vinchon knew an hysterical French woman who from infancy was so passionately devoted to dolls that she stole silk in order to clothe them smartly; they assumed for her the position of a fetish.”


“History has to tell of various examples among adults of this love of dolls.  According to Indian mythology the goddess Parwati made so lovely a doll for herself that she hid it from her husband Siwa.  He saw it, however and fell so deeply in love with it that he gave it life and made it his mistress.  Queen Catharine de Medici, when she became a widow, amused herself in the seclusion of her chamber with dolls which had to be clothed, like herself, in mourning.”

There are many more lovely examples from history for the love of dolls, which i’m not going to add here now.

I also like this paragraph:

“Thus it is that the doll, both among ancient and among modern peoples, plays an important part in magical practice.  Generally the image is utilized for the purpose of doing harm to some one’ seldom does one hear of images employed in order to do good.  The active agent undertaking a thing of this nature uses a symbolic magic which is in itself a copy or pantomimic suggestion of the result to be brought about by these means.  The belief is that whatever one desires can be carried out in actuality.

Not a thread (placed under a glass dome)

Not a thread (placed under a glass dome)

Wondering if I place the work under a glass dome if it will be less threatening?