Tying the knot and Forget-me-not

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“Forget-me-not” (Myositis arvensis) 64 x 51 cm Cotton thread and rubber 2017

Forget-me-not will be hanging out at “Incognito”, my 10th solo, which opens on the 23rd of September 2017….wow…that’s in 3 days guys-

I am feeling excited, happy, anxious, nervous, tired.  Also coping with a whole lot of other unidentifiable feelings.

I don’t think that it’s only the upcoming exhibition that makes me feel this way.  I don’t know about you, but this time of year it feels like everything, especially mister Time is on a runaway train until the second week in December.

Anyway, while we are on the subject of time and unforgettable days: …

We are celebrating our 15th Wedding anniversary tomorrow. 😀

If I had to sum up our marriage in a couple of words,  it will be:  playful, fun,  happy, supportive and loving. 

Or our dear friends that know us well, would probably agree that our marriage can be described like this as well:

“Look for your other half

who walks always next to you

and tends to be what you aren’t”

-Antonio Machado-