Shades of Numb

Art portfolio- my work

Once upon a time….my Grandmother introduced me to one of the seven dwarfs….

I decided to revisit them:

“Shades of Numb” Cotton thread, rubber, batting and wood 43 x 56 cm


About gnomes and a god…

Art portfolio- my work

I am currently reading a lovely book about the artist known as Hundertwasser.

Since I was a little girl I have been fascinated by garden gnomes

My grandmother, me and  a garden gnome

My grandmother, me and a garden gnome

So its not surprising that I loved this quote from the book about Hundertwasser :

“A fertility god, Priapus, was the god of gardens, their protector.

Priapus of Ephesus

Priapus of Ephesus

It takes little imagination to understand the suppression of this phallic deity by the Christian world, his replacement by a usurping dwarf lacking a huge (fertilizing) penis and the final neutralizing of this figure as a harmless ninny – where once a wise and powerful figure presided.  Art explores its own implications;  it carries us forward.  Simultaneously, it acts to remind us of what we forget, much as do garden dwarfs.”

p 186 Hundertwasser by Harry Rand (Taschen)

gnomes in the garden of my children's school

gnomes in the garden of my children’s school

on page 187 it goes on to say:

“Yes, he (the garden gnome) is the symbol of fairy tales.  People cannot live without dreams.  He symbolize that dream.  He is dreaming the dream which people sometimes have not the time to dream.

The architects hate it.  For a rational architect the worst enemy is the garden dwarf…..the worst thing you can do for him, the worst offence, is when you invite him to dinner and you put a garden dwarf on the table.”

p187 from Hundertwasser by Harry Rand (Taschen)

I am in the mood of organizing a dinner party with lots and lots of gnomes around the table!