Genetically modified

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“Once upon a time”….I received a lovely monster-like toy as a gift from a friend.  One day the children and myself decided to use it’s hands for our scarecrow.  The rest of it’s “body” became a source of inspiration for this work:

"Genetically modified" embroidery on rubber and found objects, 2014

“Genetically modified” embroidery on rubber and found objects, 2014

“This product may contain genetically modified ingredients”

I am starting to see the above words on a lot of products in the Supermarkets.  It scares me, probably because I know so little about genetic modification.  So I’ve started to read some articles on the internet, but that in itself is problematic, because some say “stay away, these products that contain genetically modified ingredients may cause cancer” etc. and others say there is no need to worry.

As a mother I worry about what my kids consume.  A certain packet of chips also contain this warning on it’s label, but the problem is that at every kiddies party there are these chips, or even at the school tuck shop.  So should I tell them to never eat it, or should I follow my mother’s advice of “everything in moderation is okay”?

While I’m still trying to figure this out I decided to pull the ‘monster’ over my head:



Will I change into some kind of monster when I consume enough genetically modified products?

If you know of any articles that might be worthwhile to read on this matter, please would you share it with me?