Art portfolio- my work

The snow must still melt in my mind, but in hot Karoo weather like we’ve been having lately, it would be very difficult for snow to last more than 2 seconds!

So I decided to take a break during my blogging holiday to share and update what is happening with my Lobotoy-me project.  I have been and still am busy with a couple of orders:

First up was an order for handbags- done and sent


Then a small order for some ‘animals’


and now finished the stitching and started the stuffing part for an order of 20 animals.


I wish I had a production team since it is school holidays so the kids want me to help search for spiders, frogs and beetles in the garden (that’s the latest fascination)- and i wouldn’t mind…

besides that= the muse came for some tea….leaving me with an urge to get back to some of my other projects which i will share at a later stage,

and with Christmas around the corner some handmade gifts need to be made as well….

so to get me in the spirit of Christmas and giving I decided to give away a Giraffe to someone….

all you need to do is leave a comment before the 22nd.  On the that day I will announce the new owner of a Lobotoy-me Giraffe