to website or not to website

Art portfolio- my work

Happy New Year everybody! and thank you for visiting my blog from time to time….


Initially I started out this blog because I wanted to “present” my work and connect with a wider audience.  I wanted to get it out there on the world wide web, but didn’t know how. Around 2011/2012 someone told me about this (wordpress) platform – and so I thought it might be easier and more fun than to maintain a website….which it is.

At some stage I realised that it’s not so user friendly to some who wanted to see my portfolio or to view images of my work as a whole- so after a while I started a Facebook page…but  found myself posting and sharing all kinds of stuff, then I started to use Instagram as a substitute for a website, ah but I took and shared all kind of photos…I also tried my hand at a Wix website, but it wasn’t so user friendly (I have to figure out how to delete it)- and now finally I made a WordPress one! :

I started the above mentioned site from the year 2014: the year of my first solo where I used rubber as a medium. Wondering if I should include images of my work from the 10 years prior to 2013/4?

How do I want to present my work? and what makes a good website? Less is more?

I also wonder if a website is really necessary?  and if so why?

Should I rather save and approach a ‘professional’ website designer to design one for me?

This month I will think about the above questions and also ponder on how I will use my time – because sometimes its hard to juggle all the social media platforms (or to use it wisely)…but surely it is most important to be productive in the studio!

You are welcome to share your thoughts on websites.

and I wish you all a creative, playful and prosperous 2016!