The Art of Being a Well-Dressed Wife

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In 2015 I received a lovely book from a friend called: “THE ART OF BEING A WELL DRESSED WIFE by Anne Fogarty (first published in 1960)

I was immediately inspired by its pages, but didn’t make use of it right away, since I was busy working on other projects. When I received the invitation to participate in a group exhibition titled: Well Worn, I knew that this is the right time to get the book from the shelf and chose 8 pages from the book to work with. (I will share 4 of the 8 pages today….)

Notes from the curator of the exhibition:

“The kinetic, open personality of fashion is the personality which a society in the process of rapid transformation most needs” – Caroline Evans

If art serves as a mirror to our civilization, what truer way is there to reflect on our zeitgeist, than to examine art in its closet form to us – in fashion and textiles”

Fashion and textile design is adept at fulfilling a traditional function of art by reflecting changes in contemporary culture. As much as art, fashion is a manifestation of the times – of its psychological, social political and visual existence.

It has played an integral role in human expression and over the years has woven its way into contemporary art practice. Fashion has become the medium for social commentaries by means of cultural belonging, sometimes aversion; a way to dismantle societal norms or ways of confronting the constructs that the clothes in which we are dressed impose.

Well worn opened on Sunday the 4th of February at the Cavalli Estate Gallery in Somerset-West and will run until May 2018

For more information, contact Amy Lyn Eveleigh on

Hope you have a lovely week, and remember to dress well ;-p


Art portfolio- my work

The word “balance” appears in almost everything I read, and everywhere I go these days.

Balance….what is so special about that?  In a world out of balance, it seems that everyone wants it.

Could the two words/terms “balance” and “juggling” hang out together?

As a mother I find myself yearning for some form of balance as well…..or something/someone to help me balance everything.

A mother’s helper

“In fine art balance refers to a composition or placement of elements of design in such a manner as to produce an aesthetically pleasing or harmoniously integrated whole:  Focusing on the bigger picture might assist in becoming a harmoniously integrated whole person.  Life, like art, is not about perfection.  It is about how you arrange what you have”  

-Survival guide: autumn issue-




Art portfolio- my work

I am currently working on a new series.  Using any piece of paper, pen, ink that’s lying around.  Stitching the paper together with a sewing machine. Having fun.  They are my paper-dolls: (in progress- a sneak peek)


Paperdoll #1:  Dandy lady


Paper-doll # 3: Addicted to ink


Paper-doll #2 : Me.Raai


Paper-doll #4: Miss Some One


Paper-doll #5: Unbalanced diet


Paper-doll #6: Souvenir Portrait


Paper-doll #7:  You can’t catch me