between the birds and the moon I found some ink…

Art portfolio- my work

“Dark” is the word to best describe the month of September for me. So instead of fighting this ‘darkness” I decided to go search for some more ‘noir’….and this is what I found:

“The light comes from the dark” Roger Ballen

and while engulfed with my own darkness and that of Mr Ballen’s, I missed the “Super Bood Moon Total Eclipse of 2015” and have to wait until 2033 to see it again, but thank goodness for youtube 😉

and while on the subject of blood (or just a little bit of it)……

I received my first ink (tattoo) this month: (from a place called Indalo Ink in Oudtshoorn, South Africa!

A full lace cuff:

I  hope you have a wonderful October!