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I work mainly with discarded inner-tubes from tyres. I prefer to use the inner-tubes of trucks or tractors and re-purpose it to function as my ‘canvases’ for the embroideries.Β  I source the inner-tubes (rubber) from local tyre companies and my husband is a diesel mechanic for a construction company and he works with earth-moving vehicles.

Whereas other husbands bring their wives flowers, he brings me inner tubes;-)


A knot of snakes

Art portfolio- my work

(k)not of snakes 215 x 108 cm cotton thread and rubber 2018

detail 1

detail 2

detail 3

detail 4

Currently showing at 99 Loop gallery as part of my solo exhibition “Minutes to Midnight”. Until 27 October 2018

Installation view

“Langeraat is raadop (fed-up)”

Art portfolio- my work
Langeraat is raadop/ Langeraat is fed-up (embroidery on rubber)

Langeraat is raadop/ Langeraat is fed-up (embroidery on rubber)

The word Langeraat in the title refers to the childhood rhyme: “duimpie, duimpie-se-maat, langeraat, fielafooi en piepie-in-die-kooi”, where one teach a little kid about the fingers on his hand. Β I’m not sure how to translate it, but it literally means: Β (thumb, thumb’s friend, middle-finger, ring-finger and little-finger)

On the middle finger is a rhino finger-puppet….

I made this work in response to the rhino poaching that still continues no matter what people are trying to do about it….

Yes Langeraat is fed-up with the situation…