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"The Irresistible Fairy Tale" by Jack Zipes

“The Irresistible Fairy Tale” by Jack Zipes

Even though I am only on page 38, I can highly recommend this book, especially if you are interested in the history of Fairy Tales, folklore, myths or any other stories….

“Fairy tales were not created or intended for children.  Yet they resonate with them, and children recall them as they grow to confront the injustices and contradictions of so-called real worlds.  We cannot explain why the origins of the fairy tale are so inexplicable and elusive.  But we can elucidate why they continue to be irresistible and breathe memetically through us, offering hope that we can change ourselves while changing the world.”  page 20

You are the fairy tale

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Artwork by Jee Young Lee

Artwork by Jee Young Lee

“Hmmm. It seems to me that you yourself are the fairy tale.  You’re looking for yourself.  Yes, yes, the closer I look at you, the more I can see it.  You are the fairy tale.  Come, tell me a story!”

The little girl was at first greatly embarrassed.  But the she began to tell a story.  She told about a young horse who was very handsome and won all the prizes at the race-track.  And about a horse at the grave of his master.  And about wild horses who lived out in the open.  And then the old horse wept and said:  “Thank you! Yes, yes you are the fairy tale.  I knew it all along!”  The butcher came, and the horse was slaughtered.  On Sunday the little girl was at home with her parents, and they had horsemeat for dinner since they were very poor.  But the little girl would not touch anything.  She thought about the horse and how he had wept.

“She doesn’t eat horsemeat”, the mother said, “Then you’ll eat nothing.”

“She’s a spoiled princess,” her brothers and sisters said.  And the little girl ate nothing.  But she felt no hunger.  She thought about the old horse and how he had wept, and she was full.  Yes, she was a fairy tale.” By Odon von Horvath from the book: Breaking the Magic Spell: Radical Theories of Folk and Fairy tales by Jack Zipes.

Artwork by Jee Young Lee

Artwork by Jee Young Lee

Artwork by Jee Young Lee

Artwork by Jee Young Lee

I really really like Jee Young Lee’s work.  Fount it here: http://www.demilked.com/jee-young-lee-surreal-photography-studio-room/

and I am saving for the book from which I got the lovely story I quoted above :  http://www.amazon.com/Breaking-Magic-Spell-Radical-Theories/dp/0813190304/?tag=braipick-20