The world at her fingertip

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I am pleased to announce that this work is currently on show at the KKNK (Klein Karoo National Arts Festival, in Oudtshoorn (South Africa) until the 11th of April.  It is part of a fantastic group exhibition called “Princess in the Veld”, curated by Adele Adendorff.

I will post more about this specific group exhibition as soon as I can but in the mean time you can look at all the work and read more about each of the artists  here

The world at her fingertip 2015 (cotton thread, rubber/inner tube/ batting and wood. (photo courtesey of Adele Adendorff

The world at her fingertip 2015 (cotton thread, rubber/inner tube/ batting and wood. (photo credit: Adele Adendorff

From the curator’s pen:

Opting for rubber tyres and coloured cotton thread, Hannalie Taute’s engaging artworks weave a feminine narrative that re-stages parochial views and prevailing stereotypes of local women through her careful selection of medium, content and treatment. Taute’s practice is largely inscribed by a feminist agenda which aims to break down essentialised notions of female identity and offers, instead, an alternative view of the roles women play in culture and society with particular reference to the South African milieu. Drawing her inspiration from cultural myths, fairy tales and social constructs that often frame women as demure, subservient, fragile beings, Taute’s pieces aim to dismantle delimiting notions of femininity through the use of irony and pun. Similarly, the format of Taute’s artworks also negotiate the traditional boundaries imposed between so-called high art and craft which furthermore conflates Western and non-Western notions of art.

Taute’s incessant search for the regeneration and review of the female self is not merely explored thematically but also underscored, conceptually, through her unique selection of materials. The artist makes use of harsh, masculine associations evoked by the rubber tyres. This, juxtaposed alongside the labour-intensive and elaborate stitching of imagery and text, questions traditional associations of the domestic realm and so-called ‘women’s work’. The employment of the craft of embroidery, evident in The world at her fingertip (2015), situates Taute’s interpretation of female selves as simultaneously alluding to and resisting traditional notions of femininity. The artist’s often tongue-in-cheek approach subverts traditional notions of femininity and, instead, yields an interpretation of female identity that is liminal, empowered and engaging.

detail of work (The world at her fingertip)

detail of work (The world at her fingertip)

So if you are in the Oudthsoorn area, you are welcome to go and have a look.  The exhibition is at the Prince Vincent building in Baron van Rheede street, Oudtshoorn.


Celebrating: Kannas 2014!

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"Advice to a young wife: strong drink" embroidery on rubber/inner tube and altered page

“Advice to a young wife: strong drink” embroidery on rubber/inner tube and altered page

I have not been following the above advice, because I am celebrating!

I am celebrating because for the first time in my life I have received an award for the work I do- for living my passion. I am feeling blessed.

On Sunday the 11th of May we were treated like royalty at the impressive and iconic Mount Nelson Hotel in Cape Town.  The ABSA KKNK Kanna award ceremony took place and the nominees in the category for best visual art production at the 20th Klein Karoo National Arts Festival were:


  1. Philemon Hlungwani for his exhibition : Mi Kondzo Ya Tinghwazi (In the footsteps of heroes) Curated by Trent Read.
Work by Phillemon Hlungwani

Work by Phillemon Hlungwani

Read more about Phillemon Hlungwani here

  1.  Michael Hammond for his exhibition: Orania
Work by Michael Hammond

Work by Michael Hammond

Read more about Michael Hammond here


  1.  Myself for “Rubber ever after”
during my acceptance speech - photo taken by Anelia Loubser

during my acceptance speech – photo taken by Anelia Loubser

I tried ‘Rescue Remedy” to calm my nerves, but it didn’t help much, because when they read my name I cried all the way to the podium, through the ‘speech’ and all the way back.  Emotion is a strange thing.  I hope that the tears wasn’t seen as a weakness but as extreme happiness!  My father used to say that my bladder is situated between my eyes…tears are not a foreign concept for me.

Now after all is said and done I cannot help but to think back to a couple of days before this event.  My two little boys are fascinated with ships, boats and lighthouses.  We watched the movie Titanic probably 8 times or more in a span of one week.  So for a treat we took them to the Diaz Museum in Mosselbay.  Inspired by their passion for the Titanic I decided play pretend:

my play pretend Titanic moment

my play pretend Titanic moment

Here I re-interpret the scene where Leonardo DiCaprio scream: “I am king of the worrrrld”

Afterwards we were joking that I wish my ship would come, and I hope it won’t sink.  So when I look at this ‘trophy’ made by the artist Owen Claassen:

Kanna Trophy designed by artist Owen Claassen

Kanna Trophy designed by artist Owen Claassen

I see a relation – or is it my imagination?!

Besides this wonderful trophy and recognition I also acquired some amazing art pieces during this weekend in Cape Town by fellow artists and colleagues – but more on this in my next post!

Festivities and other ties…

Art portfolio- my work
"Tong uitsteek is soentjies vra" embroidery on rubber 2013

“Tong uitsteek is soentjies vra” embroidery on rubber 2013

What a curious month so far!!!

Round about the time of Mandela’s passing, our computer decided that it doesn’t want to switch on anymore.  Besides that we had a small technological meltdown.  The microwave had hiccups and my cell phone died every time I spoke to someone.

A couple of weeks later I am able to heat milk for coffee again.  I can have telephonic conversations again and am able to work on the computer.  This time I have to figure out Windows 8, feels strange, when you are used to XP.  I am not fond of change, but nevertheless I am pleased to surf the net again and have access to a ‘blikbrein’.  I could also listen to this interview/podcast, because i missed the actual program on RSG  ( listen here) – how strange it feels  to hear my own voice.  I use the word ‘interesting’ a lot…..anyway

In retrospect I appreciate the time without being able to go online.  It made me aware of time-management and cured me of my addiction to social networks.

As we near the end of the year I feel that I have my priorities in check (so I hope)

PLAY:  I intend to do just that with my family and friends.  As a matter of fact, my husband, the kids and myself do that already while on the beach or in the garden or at the river, slip and sliding in mud or while visiting the local nursery and learning about plants.

LEARN: I hope to never lose my curiosity.  Keep asking questions.

WORK:  Work to me isn’t a negative word.  I love working on ideas and new embroideries.  Currently I am preparing for 2 shows early next year.  *A group show called “Actuality and Illusion” at the Erdmann Contemporary gallery – and – *A solo show “Rubber ever After” at the Klein Karoo National Arts Festival (KKNK).  I am so excited- so many ideas so little time.  Watch this space for details.

MAKE OR TAKE TIME:  How does one say that? Make (productive) Take (forceful)??? To make or take time – figuring out time and making use of it.  To really make or take time listening to others, especially my little ones, since their ideas are truly fascinating.  To make or take time writing overdue letters. To make or take time to be quiet (in mind and body).

LOVE all of the above.

Now to love you and leave you, until next year, with warm wishes for a magical time during this time.

November/December update

Art portfolio- my work, Studio news/blog
Mega Mash-up invitation

Mega Mash-up invitation

A lot has been happening and is in the process of happening.  I am delighted to invite you to two group shows in which I am participating.  See invite above; and then this one:

ZOO invitation

ZOO invitation

So in December I will find myself in some good company approximately 1400 Km’s apart! If you are in Cape Town or Johannesburg area, please pop in!

Apart from this I am also preparing for my solo show

work in progress

work in progress

at next year’s KKNK (Klein Karoo National Arts Festival) but more about this at a later stage!

Otherwise I’ve been reading Zoo City by Lauren Beukes, which was very appropriate in lieu to the Zoo exhibition.  I can highly recommend this book for your reading pleasure.

Currently I am reading The Sistine Secrets.  I am only on page 49 but  it is captivating to say the least!  The Vatican is a very strange place. In contrast to this I am listening to the music of Erik Satie. Why I say contrast is because apparently he started his own church of which he was the sole member, compared to the Vatican!

I am also listening to Diamanda Galas again, and in the cd cover I read that

 “On December 10, 1989 Diamanda Galas was arrested with ACT UP at St. Patrick’s Cathedral for disorderly conduct, disrupting a religious service, resisting arrest, and criminal trespass.  On October 12-13, 1990 she performed the Plague Mass at the Cathedral of St. John the Divine, the second largest cathedral in the world……”

Animals, The Church and Superheroes -truely a Mash-up-  is what I should have titled this blog, but anyway

I am browsing through my husbands marvel comic books since a dear friend’s 40th birthday is around the corner and he requested a superhero on rubber!

batman on rubber

batman on rubber

Back to work and I’ll leave you with this beautiful quote:

“Artistic Geniuses often produced their greatest works when they incorporated concealed meanings in their masterpieces.”